Ridgeland, Miss. accounting firm Horne LLP is fed up - not with a person, pesky law, or another  company (thankfully). Rather, the $67 million firm is setting its sights on the formalities of accounting firm culture, going so far as producing a nearly six-minute trailer for "The HORNE Identity: Connect the Dots"; a cinematic take on Horne's anti-traditional views in a rapidly-changing workplace.

The video premiered at last week's Horne Leadership Summit. The trailer paints a "world populated with run-of-the-mill number crunchers," with Horne standing out as "an organization whose unorthodox approach gives it a leg up on the competition." 

Executive partner Joey Havens explained Horne's workplace goals at the 2014 HeadWaters Conference: "Present day work culture within CPA firms and public accounting is eerily similar to quicksand. It's quicksand that immobilizes our firms' leadership to respond to the upcoming people drought and hinders our ability to rapidly change outdated, ineffective client service delivery models."

"The public accounting industry is dominated by status quo approaches and absent are fierce, healthy debates on cultural challenges. The profession is facing an inevitable transformation and Horne is challenging the status quo with their journey," Havens said.

Watch the action-packed video below: