The recent debut of the Apple Watch and the increasing popularity of fitness trackers like the Fitbit show how wearable technology is becoming more commonplace in daily life, and even at workplaces such as accounting firms.

Wearables were among the consumer electronics products on display during the CE Week tech event in New York City. On Wednesday evening, a parade of fashion models showed off LED-festooned dresses, 3D-printer-made designer shoes, high-tech eyewear, shoulder bags and jewelry from companies such as makefashion, Aftershockz and MeU. One model even brought with her a small toy robot dinosaur, the MiPosaur from WowWee. Chris March, a designer on the reality TV competition Project Runway, introduced the models showing off the products to the crowd.

Also at the show were some products that might be useful for accounting firms, such as the Neo smartpen N2, which lets you jot down notes on a regular paper notepad and then immediately displays them on a tablet computer. PowerGo-Go showed off its Mag-Charging magnetic wireless charging technology for charging up mobile devices.

3D printing is another popular trend that was prominent at the show. FormLabs showcased several of its 3D printers and plastic resins. Fuel 3D Technologies exhibited its Scanify handheld 3D scanner for creating models that can be output on 3D printers.

Also on hand was IK Multimedia displaying its mobile audio and video accessories. And for those who just want to get some sleep, Sleepace demonstrated its Nox Smart Sleep System, which includes a sleep light, sleep monitor and app to monitor and improve sleep quality. In addition to audit quality indicators, maybe sleep quality indicators can be handy too.