A new report from Ingenuity Marketing (IM) offers some eye-opening insights into what "millennials," or twenty-something staffers, expect from their existing or potential firm.A series of questions with four possible answers, covering such categories as recruitment, online branding, office space, and work style, among others, reveals some of the likes and dislikes of millennials.

For instance, the recruitment questions ask how a firm recruits "smart new talent": 1. Place an ad in local papers; 2. Send HR or marketing staff to a career fair; 3. Send a firm partner or "vibrant" new staffer; 4. Keep our Web site updated, have a Facebook page, and run recruitment videos on YouTube.

"I have never looked in the paper for a job. Never," says "millennial expert" Katie Kalkman, author of the article in IM's InGenius Review. "When a friend of theirs recommends your firm, they hear one of your interns on a video clip, or they meet a fun and interesting partner at a career fair, you will attract them for an interview."

The first thing such a potential recruit will do is head for your Web site, she adds.

"Do you say that you are progressive and fun to work for, but your Web site is outdated and boring? Do you list tangible and intangible benefits? Do you invite them to schedule a tour?"

Millennials, "technology natives," like personalized workspaces where they can listen to iPods and work flexible hours, Kalkman maintains.

Mobile technology also makes it hard for millennials to understand "why they have to be in the office all the time." If deadlines and expectations are met, flexibility becomes key to recruitment and retention.

Mentorship and apprenticeship programs are also encouraged.

More is at ingenuitymarketing.com/pdfs/newsletter/IGR-Millennials.pdf.