[IMGCAP(1)]As soon I finish this blog post, I will begin and complete working on my “favorite” 1040. This tax return is of medium complexity and has a multistate component. It also has big dollars involved even though most of it is on stated (W2’s, K1’s, etc.) forms.

Like most returns, it has a personality. 

But why is it my favorite? It’s simple: it signals the end of tax season. This return is always—yes, always—the last return that goes out the door. It is also usually hand-delivered before we head to our post-season celebration. And yes, it has some funky state things that prohibit it from being defined as a state e-file.

It is my tax season ritual.  

Like a traditional Christmas Eve dinner or a first day of school picture, it’s the most important return in my firm!  It marks a transitional point; my inner sense of zen to another season well done. 

After this return is finished, I will only have phone calls and fires to extinguishto complete the 2014 filing season. Most of my extensions have already been filed. Through social media I learned that I am not the only obsessive compulsive CPA with an end of tax season tax return ritual. 

Do you have a favorite last tax return that is your ritual or marks the end for you? Please share your “last one!”