CPA and consulting firm Wipfli has expanded its array of sustainability services to include a number of new assessment services. 

Wipfli’s Sustainability Services group provides assessment and reporting, planning and advisory services to companies of all sizes and industries. The Milwaukee-based firm's new assessment services include:

• Compass Assessment: This assessment evaluates goals, policies and management practices in 35 areas of an organization’s sustainability efforts. It also analyzes how effectively they are integrated in operations and how well they are reported relative to absolute or ideal sustainability standards.

• S-CORE Assessment: This rapid assessment tool measures the degree to which an organization has embedded sustainability into its day-to-day business practices. It provides an effective illustration of what the path to sustainability looks like over the long term and is an essential strategic planning tool.

• Performance Improvement Assessment: This assessment evaluates processes such as leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, measurement, analysis, and knowledge management. Employees in any division and at any level can participate to provide valuable feedback to identify opportunities, areas for growth and deployment gaps.

• Facility Audits: These audits measure and monitor efficiency in energy, waste, water, and greenhouse gas production. The findings can help increase a company’s bottom line by reducing expenses and lost assets, providing accurate information for supply chain requests and transparency to increase the organization’s reputation with stakeholders.

“We’re excited to offer our clients a competitive advantage through sustainability,” said Wipfli sustainability practice leader Bob Cedergren in a statement. “Each of these new assessments brings opportunities to evaluate current sustainability initiatives, increase employee and stakeholder participation and satisfaction, or improve compliance issues.”