Two Wisconsin and Pennsylvania independent public accounting firms will face off ahead of next weekend’s matchup, placing a Super Bowl wager for a good cause.

Pittsburgh’s Schneider Downs employees will throw in their terrible towels and $5 individual donations for the Pittsburgh Pirates Charities while Kolb+Co. of Brookfield, Wisc., hopes to bring some cheddar to the Children’s Hospital and Health System Foundation. All proceeds will go to the winning office’s charity.

The contributions will accompany a “team spirit day” of casual dress and be matched by both firms.

Additionally, Schneider Downs President and CEO Raymond W. Buehler, Jr. raised the stakes.

“Just to keep it interesting: If the Steelers win, [Kolb+Co President and CEO Tom Luken] will have his photo taken wearing a Troy Polamalu jersey and hair wig,” Buehler said in a statement. “And, heaven forbid, should the Packers win, I’ll have my photo taken in a Packers jersey while wearing a foam cheesehead.”

Both firms are members of independent accounting firm association IGAF Worldwide, for which Buehler is the world board’s current chair and Luken is a member.