Did you know that two-thirds of young adults between the ages of 23 and 28 consider financial fitness more important than physical fitness? At least, according to a new survey released by Schwab.This means one of two things –young adults aren't concerned about the growing obesity rate in this country – or financial responsibility is about to get more hardcore.

Fifty-two percent of the young adults surveyed consider "making better choices about managing money" the single most important issue for individual Americans to act on today, outweighing the need to strengthen family relationships (18 percent), protect the environment (11 percent) and improve personal nutrition and health (9 percent).

Fifty-one percent of those young adults even believe that financial education in grade school is more important than physical education (31 percent) and sex education (18 percent).

Despite this, fewer than one in five young adults consider their own financial physique to be "toned and fit." More than three in four young adults describe their financial health as either "a little flabby" (55 percent) or "seriously out of shape" (27 percent).

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