I know, I know you’re used to being in demand.

But if you’re a young CPA (let me clarify, if you’re underthe age of 40, “young” is a state of mind for many, I was kindly reminded ofrecently) and have broken out of the traditional firm mentality, contact me fora story I’m working on.

I’m interested in knowing why you chose to strike out onyour own to start your own firm and how you face your day-to-day challenges.

If you’d like to participate (and I hope you will) feel freeto email me at liz.gold@sourcemedia.comwith the answers to the two above questions. Don’t forget to include your name,age, and firm name.

Next on my list – new contributors. We’ve got a great crewof writers who have already offered up their expertise for your eyes only, butwe need more. If you’re looking to add writer to your most likely, almost fullresume, contact me at the same email address with a few ideas on what you’dlike to write about. Remember, Accounting Tomorrow focuses on the young CPA andthe dynamic between generations happening inside accounting firms.

There’s a myriad of topics to address these days and I’despecially like to hear from the rookies just coming into the profession. Rawand honest perspectives wanted!

Also, you know what else I’m interested in? Your funniestfirm stories. I realize a lot of the work you do is serious and time-consuming,but there’s got to be a break to have some laughs, right? Tell us about it.What does your team do to create fun and enjoyment during those hectic days? Inquiringminds want to know.

Feel free to email me with your questions, ideas andstories. I love what I’ve learned so far, so keep ‘em coming!