Tax breaks can help offset costs of hiring household help

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Paying household help “under the table” with cash seems like a good idea—but doing so can deny employees social services benefits and protections. It can also rob clients from taking advantage of tax breaks and credits.

Properly managing employment obligations such as employment tax filings, labor law compliance, and payroll processing will actually allow clients to save money with dependent care and medical expense tax breaks and credits.

Join Tom Breedlove, Senior Director at HomePay, as he discusses:

  • Why the underground economy of domestic employment can negatively impact your clients and their employees
  • How to help clients foster a professional working relationship with household employees
  • Additional ways to help clients save including taking advantage of the overtime exceptions for live-in employees and care sharing arrangements
  • How affordable insurance can protect clients from liabilities and risks

Hear more about ways to help clients save money on employment-related expenses.