Slideshow Tax Stats: June 2012

  • May 22 2012, 11:01am EDT

Our second tax stat for June shows why so much effort at the IRS is going into automated systems -- they bring in more money.

Systems, it seems, are more efficient than people: IRS field audits yield by far the lowest ROI. So it's a good thing the service did only 525,000 of them (for 1040s only), compared to 1.2 million mail audits, and 4.7 million CP 2000 notices.

Source: Beyond415

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Automated matching systems at the IRS send out millions of notices of underpayment to taxpayers, and add $6.5 billion annually to the U.S. Treasury -- but they're not as scary as they seem: Fully a third of notices result in no additional tax.

Source: Beyond415