Slideshow The Top 10 People in Accounting - 2012

  • September 07 2012, 4:53pm EDT
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The Most Influential People

Each year as part of our Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting list, we ask candidates for the list to name who they think are the most influential people in the field — and here they are, ranked by the number of votes they received from the 113 candidates.

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<B>No. 10</B>

Hans Hoogervorst

Chairman, International Accounting Standards Board

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<B>No. 9</B>

The Next President

Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

<B>No. 8</B>

Gary Boomer

CEO, Boomer Consulting

<B>No. 7</B>

Leslie Seidman

Chair, Financial Accounting Standards Board

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<B>No. 6</B>

Ron Baker

Founder, VeraSage Institute

<B>No. 5</B>

Douglas Shulman

Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service

<B>No. 4</B>

Tom Hood

CEO and executive director, Maryland Association of CPAs

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<B>No. 3</B>

James Doty

Chairman, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

<B>No. 2</B>

Mary Schapiro

Chair, Securities and Exchange Commission

<B>No. 1</B>

Barry Melancon

President and CEO, American Institute of CPAs