Slideshow The Top People in Public Accounting – 2015

  • September 08 2015, 4:29pm EDT
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Each year as part of our Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting list, we ask candidates for the list to name who they think are the most influential people in the field — and here they are, ranked by the number of votes they received from the 115 candidates.

You can see a text-only version of the list here, and you can see the entire Top 100 People report here (registration required).

10. JOHN KOSKINEN<P>IRS Commissioner

As he wrangles with Congress over funding the agency and handling an ever-growing list of mandates, Koskinen will make the difference between an IRS that can respond to the needs of taxpayers and tax preparers – and one that can’t.Votes (of 115 responses): 6

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9. ALLAN KOLTIN<P>CEO, Koltin Consulting Group

“The matchmaker of the profession,” according to his fellow T100, Koltin is also one of its most-sought-after consultants.Votes (of 115 responses): 7

8. MARK KOZIEL <P>Vice president of firm services & global alliances, AICPA

Koziel’s combines passion and deep knowledge of the profession with a heavy travel schedule to bring advice and vision to accountants across the country.Votes (of 115 responses): 8

7. JAMES DOTY <P>Chairman, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

His position offers influence in a profession whose trademark product is the audit – but it’s his tough stances that make all the difference.Votes (of 115 responses): 9

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6. GARY BOOMER <P>CEO, Boomer Consulting

Few people see the intersection of technology and accounting as clearly as Boomer – or share it as widely and compellingly.Votes (of 115 responses): 10

5. MARY JO WHITE <P>Chair, Securities & Exchange Commission

It would be hard to underestimate the influence of the SEC on accounting, and White is making sure that accountants and auditors don’t forget it.Votes (of 115 responses): 11

3. RUSSELL GOLDEN <P>Chair, Financial Accounting Standards Board

Golden is leading boldly leading the board forward in the post-convergence world, with a new focus on simplification and improving GAAP for all stakeholders.Votes (of 115 responses): 13 (tie)

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3. RON BAKER <P>Founder, VeraSage Institute

A whole new generation has adopted Baker’s teachings on value pricing, and the rest of the profession is finally catching on.Votes (of 115 responses): 13 (tie)

2. TOM HOOD<P>CEO and executive director, MACPA

“Visionary” is the word most commonly associated with Hood by our T100 candidates: He sees the future clearly and shares the details with the rest of the profession. Votes (of 115 responses): 27


The number of votes says it all: Melancon is, by a huge margin, the person influential people feel has the most influence on accounting, in recognition of his unparalleled knowledge, his experience and his vision.Votes (of 115 responses): 61