Cloud Computing is no longer just a buzzword. Today, it is a real system for firms – and is very relevant to your audit workflow. Firms in the cloud are seeing cost savings, simplified IT management, better client service thanks to aspects such as anywhere, anytime access, and more. To reap those benefits, though, it takes strategic planning to get there efficiently and effectively.

In this session, industry thought leaders Jim Bourke, Withum and Cathy Rowe, Wolters Kluwer will discuss what you need to know about your audit practice in the cloud. There are strategies to consider regarding maximizing realizations, ensuring client readiness, and overall data driven processes. What you will learn is:

· Why moving your audit practice to the cloud is inevitable – and important.

· What strategies can ensure a smooth transition, or can help if you’ve already started your move.

· How Wolters Kluwer solutions can help.

Cloud Computing is hugely beneficial. Join us and learn why. Any partner, manager, or staff that performs audit engagements on public or non-public entities and is interested in improving their audit quality and efficiency should attend this session.

Key Speakers

Cathy Rowe, CPA, CA
Product Manager, Tax & Accounting North America, Wolters Kluwer
Jim Bourke
Partner & CIO, Withum
Daniel Hood
Moderator Editor in Chief, Accounting Today