Becoming a data-driven finance leader

September 12, 2019 02:00 PM
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Do you spend 50-75% of your time hunting down answers to backward-looking questions? You’re not alone.

As a Finance leader today, you need to be forward-looking, strategic, data-driven, and have a creative mindset. Join Irina Lewis, of Sage Intacct, Jack Sweeney, of CFO Thought Leader, and Jill Vogin, of TrainingPros, as they discuss how to use a focused, deliberate, and coordinated approach of people, process, and technology to successfully transition from Finance 1.0 to Finance 2.0. They will describe how to position yourself to guide your team, organization, customers, and even career to improved performance and achievement.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the approach and technology needed to succeed in today’s digital, data-driven world
  • Explain how to move from Finance 1.0 to Finance 2.0 and beyond
  • Discuss why and how to “Twitterize” your reporting for analytics
  • Give examples of how CFOs are using data-driven strategies to succeed

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Key Speakers
  • Jill Vogin, CPA
    Jill Vogin, CPA
  • Jack Sweeney
    Jack Sweeney
  • Irina Lewis
    Irina Lewis
  • Dan Hood
    Daniel Hood