Cash is still king: 4 ways to bolster your bottom line

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As businesses have now adapted to the “new normal” and are looking ahead to the new year, the focus returns to the bottom line – do we have enough cash to accomplish our objectives, and what can we do now to help ensure our long term success?

Join us for this budget friendly webinar as Sage Intacct discusses the 4 ways you can help bolster your business. Hear from your peers as we discuss what finance leaders are doing now to ensure they are “in the money” going into the new year.

In this webinar, the audience will learn about:
· How scenario analysis and rolling forecasts can help refine and focus your budget process
· What areas of investment you should be focusing on today
· How digital transformation can increase your profits and enterprise value
· Tax breaks for businesses related to the CARES Act

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    Ranica Arrowsmith
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