Cloud tools are radically reducing the time required to perform traditional accounting tasks, so if you stick with traditional time-based billing then you will see your revenues sink. Instead of being penalized for efficiency, utilize one of three proven pricing strategies to maximize value and revenue, and incentivize desired client behaviors. In this webinar Damien Greathead, VP at Receipt Bank, will step you through how 3 different firms have successfully adapted their pricing models to overcome the efficiency conundrum.

Cloud tools like Receipt Bank are changing the way accounting firms do business - they're slashing the time associated with traditional accounting services. Now firms need to adapt their pricing strategy to better align their services with the value they provide to their clients. With real life examples, and a step-by-step implementation guide, you'll learn:

- How to use price to change client behavior;

- How to begin the 'value' conversation with clients;

- How to apply a cost plus accounting methodology to effectively align revenue and profits;

- Key pricing lessons from around the world.

Key Speakers

Damien Greathead
Vice President of Business Development, Receipt Bank
Danielle Lee
Managing Editor, Accounting Today