More than ever, clients expect a lot from their tax and accounting professionals and business partners. Not only is being responsive to client needs a requirement for the Tax Office of Tomorrow, you’ll also need to extend value-added benefits by being proactive, anticipating what types of services the client may require on a case-by-case basis, and reaching out to discuss the options that make the most sense. Providing this perception of value to clients goes above and beyond making and taking phone calls, sharing sensitive documents and sending e-mails. In fact, mastering this dialog is paramount for firms of all sizes to be successful.

Join us for this one hour webinar to understand why it’s so important to be proactive to your clients’ needs, how you can do so by taking advantage of data analytics, as well as and today’s integrated and mobile technologies. You’ll learn why taking steps to proactively improve client service now will ultimately help you protect your brand, retain clients, and generate new business that will increase your bottom line. Not to mention improve staff morale, productivity and efficiency…

We’ll review how to put together a plan and implement processes that will:

  • Utilize data analytics to improve the client experience, as well as create additional engagements and revenue opportunities within your existing client base
  • Increase the security of your clients’ personal and sensitive data via the use of secure portals
  • Improve your clients’ ability to provide their tax source documents and information securely and quickly
  • Save time, reduce payroll expenses and ensure staff concentrates on higher value tasks via scanning technologies
  • Increase billings and reduce tax prep costs by capturing document approvals via e-signatures

Key Speakers

Ranica Arrowsmith
Technology Editor Accounting Today
Chuck Moss
Solutions Architect, Wolters Kluwer
Gina Degnan
Product Owner, Portal, Wolters Kluwer