On deadline & under budget: The post-audit engagement workflow opportunity

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Technology is changing the way audits are conducted—creating both risks and opportunities for the modern firm. Increased regulation, tight deadlines, and staffing constraints can drain budgets, impact realization rates, and create a disengaged workplace culture. Even when auditors have engagement software to manage activity onsite effectively, they still find they are consistently missing deadlines and running over budget on the post-audit reports.

It’s time you invested in a more accessible and centralized system for knowledge management, risk mitigation, and reporting.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:
· Use the right technology to automate the audit process
· Increase visibility across, and standardization of, audit engagements
· Make knowledge management more accessible and centralized
· Mitigate risk, while creating an engaged workforce and culture

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Key speakers
  • Mark McAndrew
    Mark McAndrew
    XCM Vice President, Consulting Services
  • ranicaarrowsmith107.jpg
    Ranica Arrowsmith
    Ranica Arrowsmith is technology editor for Accounting Today.