Tax saving features of Corporations, S Corps and LLCs

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 11:16 p.m. EDT
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There are many advantages to incorporating a business and forming an LLC. One of those benefits of course is tax savings. But which entity provides the best savings for your clients? Which option will bury them with too much paperwork? What about “Double taxation”? In this webinar, Nellie Akalp of will refresh viewers on the tax savings features of various entities. Attendees will learn:

  • The many benefits of incorporating a business or forming an LLC
  • An overview of the C corporation, S Corporation and LLC
  • Which option is best for self-employed clients
  • Factors to consider when helping your clients pick the right business structure
  • Entity conversion options to switch for optimal tax savings

Key Speakers
  • Nellie Akalp
    CEO of
  • danielleleehs.jpg
    Danielle Lee
    Managing Editor of Accounting Today