The ‘no touch’ tax return

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 2:00 p.m. EDT
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The reality of a ‘no touch’ tax return is closer than you think, and the technologies available today can help your firm and your clients get closer to that ideal.

What is a ‘No Touch’ Tax Return?
A ‘no touch’ tax return means every step of the tax preparation and compliance process is digital and automated — from obtaining client data to sending the completed tax return to the client.

Join this 60 minute, CPE accredited session with Amanda Wilkie, PMP and a Consultant at Boomer Consulting, Inc., and explore a number of readily available technologies that make it possible, including:

· Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to automate high-volume, repetitive tasks.
· Machine Learning, the science around teaching computers to progressively improve their performance on a task.

Amanda will explain that the key to a ‘no touch’ tax return is to think of technology and process as a single solution. Technology is the accelerator that allows your firm to free up time and focus on value-added, more profitable activities. However, the
effectiveness of any technology will decrease if that technology is delivered using old processes.

The ‘no touch’ tax return isn’t science fiction — it’s possible with readily available technologies.

Key Speakers
  • Amanda Wilkie
    Amanda Wilkie, Consultant at Boomer Consulting, Inc., has a computer science background, but she’s not your average geek. With two decades of technology experience, Amanda has spent 13 years driving change and process improvement through innovative technology solutions working across firms of varying sizes in the public accounting profession. She has held strategic leadership positions in firms ranging from Top 50 to Top 10 including her most recent role as CIO of a Top 30 firm. Amanda is a recognized expert in the profession who regularly speaks and writes on blockchain and cryptocurrency and their impact on the profession.
  • dan-hood.gif
    Daniel Hood
    Daniel Hood is editor-in-chief of Accounting Today and Tax Pro Today, and has covered the tax and accounting field for over 20 years.