Bloomberg BNA has released FATCA — Information Reporting and Withholding Under Chapter 4, a new report portfolio in which international tax practitioners from PricewaterhouseCoopers analyze the reporting and withholding requirements imposed by the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act on both financial and non-financial institutions.  

The 500-page analysis examines the obligations and requirements imposed on businesses around the world.  The report examines the historical context of the law, which was included as part of the HIRE Act of 2010, and its objectives, with an in-depth analysis of the obligations and requirements imposed on businesses around the world. The portfolio is available to all subscribers to the Bloomberg BNA Premier International Tax Library, the Foreign Income Portfolio Series and Bloomberg Law. 

“FATCA is one of the most important and challenging tax issues facing businesses today and our subscribers can count on us to provide timely, thorough, and insightful coverage and in-depth analysis,” said Bloomberg BNA Tax & Accounting executive editor George Farrah in a statement.

“We’ve expanded coverage by releasing this new Tax Management Portfolio written by expert FATCA practitioners at PwC and our subscribers will benefit by having a resource that brings together the knowledge they need about FATCA—from a basic understanding and background to an in-depth analysis of FATCA’s application and impact.”

The portfolio provides insights on the documentation, reporting and withholding requirements of FATCA and also reviews the impacts on several key industries. The analysis further details types of U.S. and non-U.S. entities that are required to comply with FATCA’s provisions and rules, as well as the types of transactions that trigger reporting. Through real-world examples, the report offers guidance to planners on when and how organizations would be subject to FATCA provisions. The portfolio was written by PwC’s Stephen A. Nauheim, Nils Cousin, Candace Ewell, Jon Lakritz, Rebecca Lee and Robert Limerick. 

For more information, visit the Bloomberg BNA Premier International Tax Library.