Mark Bodenstab

Director of research & development tax credit services

Mark Bodenstab is a director of research & development tax credit services at KBKG, operating out of New Hampshire. He brings knowledge of many aspects of R&D from his 20+ years in the private sector as well as 14 years with the Internal Revenue Service. He joined the IRS as a general engineer to provide technical and valuation support in the examination of large corporate tax filings. He has experience in a wide range of engineering issues, including the complicated credit for increasing research. He was selected as a manager to supervise a team of IRS engineers and appraisers. During this time, he also served in a national role as staff assistant to the director of field operations. Prior to the IRS, he worked for over 20 years in the industrial gas industry, gaining first-hand experience in research and development testing and improving products and processes. He was involved with the early-stage development and delivery of cryogenic services for the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) marketplace, container pressurization in the national beverage marketplace, and the manufacturing and delivery of pipeline atmospheric gases to multiple chemical, steel and glass manufacturers.