Tom  Hood, CPA. CITP

Tom Hood, CPA. CITP

“The faster you go, the farther ahead you have to see.”That is the foundation of BLI’s newest SMART tool, I2A – Insights to Action – a strategic thinkingsystem that is used for leadership development, as well as a strategic thinking process, for CPA firms andother organizations that need to build and communicate new strategies to deal with the rapidly changingenvironment.Tom is the founder and CEO of the Business Learning Institute (BLI), a center for the development ofleadership skills for CPAs. He is also the CEO & executive Director of the Maryland Association ofCPAs. Tom is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant recognized repeatedly as one of theTop 100 Most Influential CPAs by Accounting Today magazine. He is also a recipient of the AICPASpecial Recognition Award for his contributions to the profession in leading the CPA Vision Project.It was leading the CPA Vision Project where Tom became hooked on strategic planning and facilitation.Managing the first ever “vision” for a profession, he led the effort that involved over 3,500 CPAs in all 50states. Since then he has facilitated almost every major national committee and CPA firms from all overthe US, along with corporations and non-profits.“A pioneer in using social media and Web 2.0 technologies in accounting, Hood has tapped hisexpertise to roll out one of the most extensive sets of resources in the country for helping CPAs handlethe recession.” That is what Accounting Today magazine said in their 2009 profile of Tom as one of theTop 100 Most Influential People in the CPA profession (for the fifth time).Tom has taken the CPA profession by storm with his innovative uses of technology at the MarylandAssociation of CPAs. From the virtual world of Second Life to social media tools like Blogs, Twitter,Linked-In, and Facebook, Tom and his team at the MACPA are using these tools to communicate withstudents, members, and the public. Tom and his team are teaching CPAs about the power of these tools tokeep them ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing environment. Tom and the MACPA have beenfeatured in the Journal of Accountancy, Accounting Today magazine, Rain Today Magazine, andAccounting Web.He was nominated by his peers to serve as the President of the CPA/SEA (CPA State executivesAssociation) for 2008 - 2009. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Shared Services, LLC and is Co-Chair of the Board of the State Societies Network, Inc. Tom is an active volunteer in the CPA Professionserving on the AICPA CPE Advisory Committee and has served on several key national committees - theAICPA Enhanced Business Reporting Committee and AICPA Special Committee on Mobility.Hood has experience as a high level executive in industry, specifically as treasurer and CFO of BrynAwel Corporation, a privately owned $75 million highway construction company. He is a graduate ofLoyola College (B.A. in Accounting) and has a Master’s in Finance (Real Estate) from Johns HopkinsUniversity and a Master’s equivalent in Information Systems from the University of Baltimore. Mostrecently he obtained the Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) certification from theAICPA.