Billion-Dollar Wealth Magnets

Accounting Today's annual ranking of the top CPA financial planners — due out today — highlights the leading 150 firms by assets under management in different size categories. Highlighted here are the crème de la crème — those who manage over $1 billion in client assets. (See the full list here.)

RKL Wealth Management logo
RKL Wealth Management
AUM: $1,003,706,704
Lancaster, Pa.
Staff: 26
Chief executive: Laurie Peer
BT Wealth Management logo
BT Wealth Management
AUM: $1,004,550,000
Staff: 17
Chief executive: Scott Craig
Valley National Financial Advisors logo
Valley National Financial Advisors
AUM: $1,006,999,993
Bethlehem, Pa.
Staff: 38
Chief executive: Matthew Petrozelli
Sax Wealth Advisors logo
SAX Wealth Advisors
AUM: $1,049,834,576
Clifton, N.J.
Staff: 15
Chief executive: Kyle Stawicki
Beaird Harris
AUM: $1,072,317,577
Staff: 13
Chief executive: Pat Beaird
LBMC Investment Advisors logo
LBMC Investment Advisors
AUM: $1,220,000,000
Brentwood, Tenn.
Staff: 8
Chief executive: Greg Herman
RubinBrown logo
RubinBrown Advisors
AUM: $1,250,000,000
Clayton, Mo.
Staff: 15
Chief executive: Thomas Tesar
GHP Investment Advisors logo
GHP Investment Advisors Inc.*
AUM: $1,277,257,308
Staff: 18
Chief executive: Brian Friedman
BerganKDV logo
BerganKDV Wealth Management
AUM: $1,283,069,118
Bloomington, Minn.
Staff: 23
Chief executive: Matt Cosgriff
CCR Wealth Management logo
CCR Wealth Management
AUM: $1,300,000,000
Westborough, Mass.
Staff: 20
Chief executive: David Borden
Schneider Downs Wealth Management logo
Schneider Downs Wealth Management
AUM: $1,608,470,000
Staff: 20
Chief executive: Nancy Skeans
Aldrich Wealth logo
Aldrich Wealth
AUM: $1,652,849,088
Lake Oswego, Ore.
Staff: 25
Chief executive: K. Scott Barchus
Wealth Management logo
Wealth Management
AUM: $1,685,824,412
Norfolk, Neb.
Staff: 56
Chief executive: Jared Faltys
DHG Wealth Advisors logo
DHG Wealth Advisors
AUM: $1,700,000,000
Asheville, N.C.
Staff: 36
Chief executive: William Sneed
Note: Last year, Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors reported its total assets under advisement; this year it is reporting solely assets under management. It has over $2.2 billion in total assets under advisement.
Rehmann logo
AUM: $2,017,070,353
Troy, Mich.
Staff: 947
Chief executive: Randall Rupp
Frontier Wealth Management logo
Frontier Wealth Management
AUM: $2,400,000,000
Kansas City, Mo.
Staff: 45
Chief executive: Nick Blasi
Citrin Cooperman
AUM: $2,400,000,000
New York City
Staff: 15
Chief executive: Joel Cooperman
Moss Adams Wealth logo
Moss Adams Wealth Advisors*
AUM: $2,411,613,175
Staff: 55
Chief executive: NA
Warren Averett Wealth Management
Warren Averett Asset Management*
AUM: $2,505,924,099
Birmingham, Ala.
Staff: 49
Chief executive: Joshua Reidinger
SVA Plumb Wealth Management logo
SVA Wealth Management*
AUM: $2,602,321,471
Madison, Wis.
Staff: 63
Chief executive: Maureen Hansen
Provenance Wealth Advisors logo
Provenance Wealth Advisors
AUM: $2,650,000,000
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Staff: 44
Chief executive: Eric Zeitlin
BKD Wealth Advisors
BKD Wealth Advisors
AUM: $2,994,870,632
Springfield, Mo.
Staff: 65
Chief executive: Jack Thurman
Level Four Advisory Services
Level Four Advisory Services
AUM: $3,002,500,000
Plano, Texas
Staff: 38
Chief executive: Edmon Tomes
Honkamp Krueger Financial Services logo
Honkamp Krueger Financial Services Inc.
AUM: $3,160,640,372
Dubuque, Iowa
Staff: 96
Chief executive: John Darrah
Wipfli Financial Advisors logo
Wipfli Financial Advisors
AUM: $3,375,355,443
Staff: 78
Chief executive: Jeff Pierce
SignatureFD logo
AUM: $3,427,227,047
Staff: 84
Chief executive: Jeff Peller
HBKS Wealth Advisors logo
HBKS Wealth Advisors
AUM: $3,560,000,591
Erie, Pa.
Staff: 85
Chief executive: Christopher Allegretti
Forum Financial Management Logo
Forum Financial Management*
AUM: $3,810,052,130
Lombard, Ill.
Staff: 96
Chief executive: N. Batavia / J. Rogers
Sequoia Financial Group logo
Sequoia Financial Group
AUM: $3,903,138,332
Akron, Ohio
Staff: 85
Chief executive: Thomas Haught
Joel Isaacson & Co. logo
Joel Isaacson & Co.
AUM: $4,137,417,185
New York City
Staff: 44
Chief executive: Joel Isaacson
Savant Capital Management
AUM: $5,482,821,236
Rockford, Ill.
Staff: 167
Chief executive: Brent Brodeski
RSM Logo
RSM US Wealth Management
AUM: $5,694,022,608
Staff: 121
Chief executive: David Scudder
CLA logo - CliftonLarsonAllen
CLA Wealth Advisors
AUM: $6,074,696,862
Staff: 131
Chief executive: Bruce Bushman
myCIO Wealth Partners
AUM: $7,377,051,916
Staff: 46
Chief executive: David Lees
Plante Moran logo
Plante Moran Financial Advisors
AUM: $14,337,303,133
Southfield, Mich.
Staff: 142
Chief executive: John Lesser
*Data provided by Audit Analytics. Reach them at (508) 476-7007,, or