Meet the 2020 Best Midsized and Large Firms to Work For

Each year, Accounting Today and Best Companies Group select the Best Accounting Firms to Work For. This slideshow includes the best in the Midsized Category (firms with between 50-249 employees) and in the Large Category (250+ employees), with their rankings and select information on the firms, as well as photos the firms submitted themselves (or, occasionally, their website).

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Best Firms 2020 - YHB
MIDSIZED FIRMS No. 55: YHB | CPAs & Consultants
The 2019 Firm Day championship team celebrates its victory.

Headquarters: Winchester, Va.
Staff: 163
Best Firms 2020 - Lane Gorman Trubitt
No. 54: Lane Gorman Trubitt
The firm's ACS department sends a Valentine’s Day message to an employee recovering from heart surgery.

Headquarters: Dallas
Staff: 100
Best Firms 2020 - Holtzman
No. 53: Holtzman Partners
The firm's audit team holds a virtual happy hour, including playing Pictionary and Charades.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Staff: 92
Best Firms 2020 - Coulter & Justus
No. 52: Coulter & Justus
The firm's annual fall Truck or Treat Event with staff families.

Headquarters: Knoxville, Tenn.
Staff: 56
Best Firms 2020 - HBE
No. 51: HBE
A CPA Achievement celebration.

Headquarters: Lincoln, Neb.
Staff: 90
Best Firms 2020 - Abacus
No. 50: Abacus CPAs
Staff at a post-tax-season outing to see a show in Branson, Mo.

Headquarters: Springfield, Mo.
Staff: 74
Best Firms 2020 - Allen Gibbs & Houlik
No. 49: Allen, Gibbs, & Houlik
A celebratory employee event at Wichita’s Chicken N Pickle.

Headquarters: Wichita, Kansas
Staff: 125
Best Firms 2020 - Wall Einhorn Chernitzer
No. 48: Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer
Women from the firm at a luncheon to support the local Women United Group.

Headquarters: Norfolk, Va.
Staff: 60
Best Firms 2020 - Kassouf
No. 47: Kassouf & Co.
The firm's co-ed softball team, the “Average Joes.”

Headquarters: Birmingham, Ala.
Staff: 90
Best Firms 2020 - Hungerford Nichols
No. 46: Hungerford Nichols CPAs
Celebrating Firm Day.

Headquarters: Grand Rapids, Mich.
Staff: 112
Best Firms 2020 - Daszkal Bolton
No. 45: Daszkal Bolton
The Corporate Cup.

Headquarters: Boca Raton, Fla.
Staff: 152
Best Firms 2020 - E. Cohen
No. 44: E. Cohen & Co. CPAs
Wacky Socks Day.

Headquarters: Rockville, Md.
Staff: 61
Best Firms 2020 - ACM
No. 43: ACM
A group ski day at A Basin.

Headquarters: Denver
Staff: 161
Best Firms 2020 - Gallagher Flynn
No. 42: Gallagher, Flynn & Co.
The firm's annual team-building retreat.

Headquarters: South Burlington, Vermont
Staff: 71
Best Firms 2020 - MaloneBailey
No. 41: MaloneBailey
The firm's annual "Pancakes with Partners" event.

Headquarters: Houston
Staff: 55
Best Firms 2020 - EEPB
No. 40: EEPB Tax | Audit | Advisory
A firmwide tax season get-together at a local restaurant.

Headquarters: Houston
Staff: 87
Best Firms 2020 - Acuity
No. 39: Acuity
AcuityCon, the firm's yearly company-wide conference.

Headquarters: Atlanta
Staff: 68
Best Firms 2020 - KatzAbosch
No. 38: KatzAbosch
A team event at the Go-Cart Speed Way.

Headquarters: Timonium, Md.
Staff: 87
Best Firms 2020 - Maner Costerisan 1
No. 37: Maner Costerisan
A summer 2019 department outing.

Headquarters: Lansing, Mich.
Staff: 132
Best Firms 2020 - Anders
No. 36: Anders CPAs + Advisors
Employees participating in the BizDash 5K walk/run last fall and earning points for the firm's wellness initiative.

Headquarters: St. Louis
Staff: 210
Best Firms 2020 - Centri website
No. 35: Centri Business Consulting
The firm's website, at

Headquarters: Philadelphia
Staff: 57
Best Firms 2020 - Insero
No. 34: Insero & Co. CPAs
A firmwide volunteer day constructing and restoring the building and grounds of a local charity.

Headquarters: Rochester, N.Y.
Staff: 132
Best Firms 2020 - Mowery & Schoenfeld
No. 33: Mowery & Schoenfeld
Firm staff.

Headquarters: Lincolnshire, Ill.
Staff: 82
Best Firms 2020 - Wilkins Miller
No. 32: Wilkins Miller
The "Accountants of the Caribbean" crew "brought home the loot" at Fuse Project Dragon Boat, named the Most WOW Team, best in their division, and 4th overall in the final race, raising nearly $2,500 for The Fuse Project.

Headquarters: Mobile, Ala.
Staff: 74
Best Firms 2020 - Henry & Horne
No. 31: Henry+Horne
The firm's Community Day at St. Vincent de Paul.

Headquarters: Tempe, Ariz.
Staff: 141
Best Firms 2020 - Wymer Brownlee
No. 30: Wymer Brownlee Wealth Strategies
The firm's staff.

Headquarters: Oklahoma City
Staff: 53
Best Firms 2020 - Smith & Howard
No. 29: Smith & Howard
The firm's 2019 holiday party at the Georgia Aquarium.

Headquarters: Atlanta
Staff: 123
Best Firms 2020 - Swindoll, Jantzen
No. 28: Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd
The firm's website, at

Headquarters: McPherson, Kansas
Staff: 66
Best Firms 2020 - Beaird Harris
No. 27: Beaird Harris
A staff outing for a stadium tour and lunch at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium.

Headquarters: Dallas
Staff: 65
Best Firms 2020 - GEMRT
No. 26: GEMRT & Co.*
The firm's annual cruise.

Headquarters: Coral Gables, Fla.
Staff: 53

*Garcia, Espinosa, Miyares, Rodriguez, Trueba & Co.
Best Firms 2020 -- Bartlett Pringle Wolf website
No. 25: Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf
The firm's website, at

Headquarters: Santa Barbara, Calif.
Staff: 65
Best Firms 2020 - PKF Texas
No. 24: PKF Texas
A firm outing to Dave & Buster’s for lunch, team-building exercises and a scavenger hunt.

Headquarters: Houston
Staff: 132
Best Firms 2020 - Matthews, Carter & Boyce
No. 23: Matthews, Carter & Boyce CPAs
A firm team-building activity.

Headquarters: Fairfax, Va.
Staff: 65
Best Firms 2020 - Sweeney Conrad
No. 22: Sweeney Conrad
The firm's annual Hood Canal Day.

Headquarters: Bellevue, Wash.
Staff: 82
Best Firms 2020 - Brown Schultz Sheridan Fritz
No. 21: Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz
The firm's "emerging professionals" at a team-building excercise at an escape room.

Headquarters: Camp Hill, Pa.
Staff: 118
Best Firms 2020 - Cassady Schiller
No. 20: Cassady Schiller CPAs & Advisors
Firm staff at a volunteer event.

Headquarters: Blue Ash, Ohio
Staff: 71
Best Firms 2020 - James Moore
No. 19: James Moore & Co.
The firm Olympics.

Headquarters: Daytona Beach, Fla.
Staff: 165
Best Firms 2020 - Global Tax Network
No. 18: Global Tax Network
The firm's annual conference in 2019.

Headquarters: Maple Grove, Minn.
Staff: 89
Best Firms 2020 - WilkinGuttenplan
No. 17: WilkinGuttenplan
Staff participating in the Walk for the Cure.

Headquarters: East Brunswick, N.J.
Staff: 124
Best Firms 2020 - Gordon Advisors
No. 16: Gordon Advisors
The firm holds a cookie exchange.

Headquarters: Troy, Mich.
Staff: 59
Best Firms 2020 - Fust Charles Chambers
No. 15: Fust Charles Chambers
The firm's award-winning kickball team.

Headquarters: Syracuse, N.Y.
Staff: 83
Best Firms 2020 - Sansiveri Kimball
No. 14: Sansiveri, Kimball & Co.
The firm's annual all-employee firm retreat & holiday party.

Headquarters: Providence, R.I.
Staff: 52
Best Firms 2020 - Walter & Shuffain website
No. 13: Walter & Shuffain
The firm's website, at

Headquarters: Boston
Staff: 64
Best Firms 2020 - Anglin Reichman
No. 12: Anglin Reichmann Armstrong
Staff at the Buddy Walk in Pensacola, Fla.

Headquarters: Huntsville, Ala.
Staff: 75
Best Firms 2020 - Berntson Porter
No. 11: Berntson Porter & Co.
An Intern Day outing to a Mariners' game in 2019.

Headquarters: Bellevue, Wash.
Staff: 111
Best Firms 2020 - BeachFleischman
No. 10: BeachFleischman
Firm staff volunteer together at Orchard Community Learning Center in Phoenix.

Headquarters: Tucson, Ariz.
Staff: 131
Best Firms 2020 - Smith Leonard
No. 9: Smith Leonard
Staff participating in the firm's United Way Day of Service, near Halloween.

Headquarters: High Point, N.C.
Staff: 61
Best Firms 2020 - Global Tax Management
No. 8: Global Tax Management Inc.
Customized bobbleheads are presented to employees who are 100 percent inducted in the firm's ESOP.

Headquarters: Wayne, Pa.
Staff: 148
Best Firms 2020 - BMSS
No. 7: BMSS
A "fireside chat" lunch with the CEO/managing partner.

Headquarters: Birmingham, Ala.
Staff: 207
Best Firms 2020 - GRF
No. 6: GRF CPAs & Advisors
2019 softball champions.

Headquarters: Bethesda, Md.
Staff: 116
Best Firms 2020 - Windham Brannon
No. 5: Windham Brannon
A firm ping pong tournament.

Headquarters: Atlanta
Staff: 163
Best Firms 2020 - Mahoney Ulbrich
No. 4: Mahoney, Ulbrich, Christiansen & Russ
Staff volunteering with Clare Housing.

Headquarters: St. Paul, Minn.
Staff: 66
Best Firms 2020 - Tonneson
No. 3: Tonneson + Co.
Staff filling a bus with clothing donations for Catie's Closet.

Headquarters: Wakefield, Mass.
Staff: 74
Best Firms 2020 - Maxwell Locke & Ritter
No. 2: Maxwell Locke & Ritter
Staff celebrating the firm's No. 1 ranking on the 2019 Best Firms to Work For list.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Staff: 127
Best Firms 2020 - Martin Starnes
No. 1: Martin Starnes & Associates CPAs
The firm celebrates serving others with 100+ Acts of Kindness.

Headquarters: Hickory, N.C.
Staff: 57
Best Firms 2020 - Anchin
LARGE FIRMS No. 5: Anchin
Staff helping to feed people in shelters through Anchin's working relationship with City Harvest.

Headquarters: New York City
Staff: 366
Best Firms 2020 - Kearney
No. 4: Kearney & Co.
The firm’s intern class hosts a cornhole tournament for charity.

Headquarters: Alexandria, Va.
Staff: 677
Best Firms 2020 - MBAF
No. 3: MBAF
The firm's 2019 Halloween costume contest.

Headquarters: Miami
Staff: 405
Best Firms 2020 - Wolf
No. 2: Wolf & Co.
A cooking class for firm staff.

Headquarters: Boston
Staff: 271
Best Firms 2020 - Schellman
No. 1: Schellman & Co.
A recent new hire class at the firm.

Headquarters: Tampa, Fla.
Staff: 251