ACCA teams with IFAC on government management videos

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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is partnering with the International Federation of Accountants on a series of videos and written case studies highlighting success stories in the area of financial management in the public sector around the world.

The two global accounting organizations want to show how strong public financial management processes and systems can help governments more effectively deliver public services, make public finances more transparent, and foster greater trust between governments and citizens. The two groups plan to demonstrate from their research how effective financial management systems can make a difference when government spending is under intense scrutiny around the world.

The first videos in the series spotlight the work of public sector finance leaders in Australia, Canada and Tanzania. They’re available online here.

“The aim of this research is to answer a number of fundamental questions about how public financial management is working now, and how it can operate in the future,” said Alex Metcalfe, head of public sector policy at ACCA, in a statement. “We want to capture and share real stories of how public financial management improvements have made an immediate difference in the delivery of public services.”

This research collaboration supports IFAC and ACCA’s work to strengthen how governments around the world manage their finances.

“Strong public financial management impacts citizens and presents an opportunity for tangible change,” stated IFAC executive director Alta Prinsloo. “Professional accountants have an essential role to play and we must leverage these case studies to continue making progress in the future.”

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