AccountingSuite and Tax1099 integrate to make e-filing easier for contractors

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AccountingSuite, which makes accounting software with built-in inventory management features, has integrated its software with Tax1099, an IRS-approved, cloud-based e-filing system for the 1099 MISC form and 40 other forms. The integration is aimed at improving the e-file experience for businesses with contractors.

The integration allows users of both systems to pull data from an AccountingSuite file into Tax1099 to eliminate manual entry. The deadline for 1099-MISC filing for non-Box 7 amounts is March 31.

Tax1099, which is made by Zenwork, e-files forms directly with the IRS and files with the states based on each state's special filing requirements. If a customer chooses, Tax1099 will also send vendors or contractors their 1099-MISC copy via the U.S. Postal Service, or their email addresses if available.

To make use of the new integration, AccountingSuite users can log into their accounts via the Tax1099 cloud platform and pull over payer, vendor and payment data that is 1099 eligible. AccountingSuite users can also use Tax1099 to send and collect digital W-9s as well as verify vendors' Employer Identifiation Numbers or Social Security Numbers through the Taxpayer Identification Number-matching function.

"We are excited to integrate Tax1099 with AccountingSuite to offer their customers a streamlined channel to file forms to the IRS and states," said Sanjeev Singh, founder and CEO of Zenwork, in a statement. "This integration will make it a lot easier for AccountingSuite users to pull data over to Tax1099 to eFile their 1099 MISC forms."

“The gig economy has exponentially increased the number of 1099s issued and for businesses to have to manually enter all that data into an e-file system is an archaic model,” added Ted McRae, director of business development at AccountingSuite, also in a statement. “Together, we empower businesses to collect the info they need, verify sensitive data and populate forms quickly while ensuring consistency between systems.”

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