Basware releases AI-powered AP chatbot

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Basware has released an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual assistant for procurement. Basware Assistant, a chatbot, helps users from accountants to business owners find order requests and purchase orders.

Basware Assistant uses natural language processing and AI to create a new and simplified way for people to interact with Basware’s existing e-procurement solution. They can communicate with the Basware Assistant like they would with a person, to search for orders and purchase requests using vendor and item names, as well as identify and document numbers.

“The best user interface is the one that you don’t need to use — it just runs in the background,” stated Bhavin Shah, director of product management for Basware. “This is what Basware is striving to achieve with the Basware Assistant functionality. By predicting what people might search for in real-time, and communicating that to them in the way they’d ordinarily speak, the system becomes naturally easy to use. Going forward, we will continue innovating in this area, building on the foundation we’ve created to add more functionality that contributes to usability.”

The chatbot debuted at the the Spring 2018 AP & P2P Conference & Expo, currently being held in Orlando, Florida. For more information on the Basware Assistant, click here.

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