Becker launches 'CPA SkillMaster' video series

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Becker Professional Education announced on Wednesday that it has launched a new “CPA SkillMaster” video series for students preparing for the CPA Exam.

The 15-minute videos, featuring Becker instructors, can be accessed in review courses after completing a task-based simulation. CPA SkillMaster mainly focuses on applied solutions for task-based simulations, considered to be one of the more difficult sections of the CPA Exam. Students will have full access to the video library throughout their exam preparation.

“Our students say they need more help to bridge the gap from understanding a concept to being able to apply it in a real-world situation,” said Angie Brown, senior director, product management for Becker Professional Education, in a statement. “'CPA SkillMaster' videos create an experience where the student feels like the instructor is sitting in the same room and speaking directly to them, explaining how to solve each problem so the student can make the mental leap from understanding to application.”

Becker currently houses over 80 SkillMaster videos covering all four CPA Exam sections, with another 300 videos planned to be added over the next year.

“Being successful on the CPA Exam is equal parts knowledge and strategy,” added Brown. “Students need to understand the types of questions they will be asked and develop a strategy to work through the task-based simulations as quickly as possible. We believe the CPA SkillMaster videos will help to provide that additional level of confidence they need to feel prepared and ready to succeed on exam day and beyond.”

For more information, head to Becker's site here.

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