Biller Genie releases integration for AccountingSuite

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Biller Genie, which makes an accounts receivable software-as-a-service product, now integrates its software with cloud-based accounting platform AccountingSuite. This gives AccountingSuite users another option for billing outside of, the other integration partner for the platform that offers a similar service.

Biller Genie completed the invoicing-to-payment cycle by providing users with the ability to immediately pay online through ACH, debit and credit card payments.

The fully automated platform also offers AccountingSuite users the following features:

  • Automation of the entire notification and follow-up processes, which includes late payment reminders and thank-you notes on a custom schedule determined by the user;
  • Integrated ACH, debit and credit card payments, with payments automatically synced to existing AccountingSuite accounts;
  • A branded user experience to strengthen brand awareness, which allows users to view invoices, review payment history, store payment information and set up automatic payments;
  • A dedicated customer portal that drives self-service;
  • A late-fee manager alerting customers about penalties associated with delinquencies, a feature that expedites payments; and
  • Elimination of duplicate data entry and errors.

“By partnering with Biller Genie, we are enhancing our menu of services for clients,” said Ted McRae, director of marketing and growth for AccountingSuite, in a statement. “Our users will be able to shorten the invoice-to-cash cycle, resulting in improved cash flow and profitability. In addition, we are helping businesses save countless hours of wasted administrative time so they can focus on what is most important — generating new business, not chasing invoices.”

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