BQE Software debuts voice-enabled intelligent dashboard for accountants

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BQE Software Inc. has released Core Intelligence, a Google Assistant-enabled smart dashboard that plugs into accounting software. Accountants and their clients can have conversations with the tool to gain insights into their business.

The voice-enabled platform is a demonstration of how artificial intelligence has matured to a point at which it can be deployed meaningfully in accounting software to help accountants become more efficient.

Core Intelligence, which is tailored to accounting firms, responds to voice commands for anything related to client or firm business. Instead of just providing simple answers to simple questions, Core Intelligence looks deeply into a company’s data to make contextual connections that provide additional insights related to the question asked. For example, while asking for your to-do’s for the day, it will also remind you of the past-due's that need attention.

The dashboard learns how a user says words and phrases and can stay in-context for several sentences of a conversation. For instance, if a user asks about a client, they don’t have to repeat the client’s name when they ask the next several questions.

Core Intelligence can also be hooked up to a firm’s phone system, enabling clients to call in at any time to ask questions about their business. While it may seem that AI can make an accountant obsolete, it in fact makes accountants more efficient and valuable in terms of pure hourly value.

“For accountants that are doing advisory or consulting, we can see this tool being installed as an automated response system for clients,” said Shafat Qazi, founder and CEO of BQE Software. “Clients can call in, enter their unique code, and ask different questions about their business. All these questions that are being asked and answered by professionals, can be done by Core — and you can make money while you’re sleeping.”

Core users can access Core Intelligence through any of their smart devices connected to Google Assistant, such as the Google Home app on their phones, a Google Home smart speaker, or even a vehicle with Google Assistant connectivity. This allows them to use only their voices to get work done anywhere.

“By simply talking to our software, Core users can be pro-actively informed about their company financials, project status, bottlenecks, and the rainmakers,” Qazi explained in a statement.

Currently, Core Intelligence connects to QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB (Australia), Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

“Core Intelligence gives our users the advantages of having their very own business analyst without the overhead,” added Setareh Motamedi, vice president of marketing at BQE Software. “They can simply have a conversation with their software without even needing to log-into a computer, spend time shuffling through reports, or trying to make sense of tons of data to get deep insights. As customers expect top-notch service from firms, firms should be prepared to provide that top-notch and set themselves apart.”

Core Intelligence is now available to all current Core customers. To learn more, please visit

BQE Software will be holding a Facebook Live event on July 10, 2019, at 4 p.m. EST.

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