Cloud hosting provider Cetrom is experiencing an outage

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On May 24, cloud hosting provider Cetrom experienced a service outage, according to users and experts in the field. There is little information available, but it appears that the company’s website and support communication lines are still down as of May 28.

On May 28, Accounting Today received a tip that Cetrom as a service had been down since May 24, having been hit with a “confirmed virus.”

The same day, cybersecurity and law expert Joseph Brunsman, of CPL Brokers, was informed by one of his clients that Cetrom had sent the following communication to its customers:

“Cetrom support notice: Cetrom has been hit with a malicious virus. We have been proactive and shut all systems down. We are bringing systems up one by one and checking for stability and a stable environment. All engineers are aggressively troubleshooting and we will continue to keep you updated every hour. However, we may not have any major updates before 12 p.m. ET. During this time, we respectfully request that you refrain from calling our support line, to allow our engineers to continue troubleshooting this issue. At this time we do not have an estimated resolution time. Please share this information with your staff. Thank you, Cetrom Support.”

If Cetrom has indeed been hit by a malicious virus, taking down all services would be the prudent move, to prevent the alleged virus from spreading throughout the system.

“As much as it’s not fun, it’s probably in customers’ best interest that Cetrom took extra steps, took the system down, and is doing I assume all the relevant steps on the back end to make sure nothing was stolen and to determine the nature of the event,” Brunsman said to Accounting Today during a phone call on Tuesday.

As yet there is no further information as to when Cetrom will be up for customers.

Accounting Today has reached out to Cetrom staff for information, and will update this story when they respond.

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