Doeren Mayhew debuts suite of cybersecurity solutions, CyberClaw

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Michigan firm Doeren Mayhew’s IT Advisory and Security Group has debuted Cyberclaw, a suite of cybersecurity solutions designed to protect organizations from cybercrime.

Cybercrime has been a threat almost as long as the internet has been in existence, but in recent years accounting firms have been taking cybersecurity more seriously as large-scale breaches, like the Equifax hack, have rocked the public. Firms like Doeren Mayhew are even extending their technology services to include cybersecurity as they and their clients recognize the value it can bring.

Cyberclaw brings awareness, detection, remediation and protection to its assets to protect against cybersecurity threats before they occur, the firm says. Available in different tiers — Essentials, Standard, Premier and 360° — Cyberclaw is designed to fit into varying budgets and sets of needs.

“Being faced with a system or data breach, and the associated financial and reputation costs, is a key area of concern for our clients across all markets and industries,” said Doeren Mayhew managing shareholder and chairman Chad Anschuetz in a statement. “Through Cyberclaw, our credentialed IT professionals can address these growing challenges for clients by providing tailored solutions geared to safeguard data and effectively manage their cybersecurity risks in today’s environment.”

“This tiered approach to evaluate an organization’s cybersecurity risk and exposure provides an opportunity for any organization to choose a solution that best aligns with their goals as they become more cyber-sophisticated,” added Brad Atkin, shareholder and practice leader of the IT Advisory and Security Group.

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