Ephesoft releases updated smart document capture solution

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Ephesoft’s flagship product, an advanced, machine learning-based document capture and analytics tool that can integrate with ERP systems, has been updated with a reported 200-plus new features.

Besides expected updates for speed and accuracy, Ephesoft Transact 4.5 now offers machine learning-based Web Services APIs (application programming interfaces), which allows developers to integrate the company’s machine learning technology into existing document capture solutions to capture metadata fields.

The new version also provides export functionality for Box, SharePoint, SAP and web services. Ephesoft’s Box and SharePoint export plugins are ready-to-use connectors that don’t require custom programming code; and the new web services export feature lets developers export directly from Transact to any custom Web Services endpoint.

The solution now supports Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai language recognition, in addition to the dozens of languages the previous version recognized. For Transact on Linux (using the Nuance OCR engine), Transact 4.5 has added Arabic and certain Asian languages.

“The latest version of Ephesoft Transact adds features that our users have asked for as well as important capabilities for our growing global customer base — from 5-person to Fortune 500 companies,” said CEO Ike Kavas in a statement. “System administrators, department heads and IT staff in banking, insurance and other industries processing high-volume, high-value documents will enjoy the increased power and efficiency of the Transact 4.5 platform, and the improved plug-in connectivity with web-based partner content services platforms.”

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