Gilded offers first open finance platform built on a blockchain

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Gilded has released a first-of-its-kind open finance platform built on a blockchain. The platform offers accounting, payments and invoicing functionality.

Gilded takes care of everything from invoicing and payments, to accounting and tax reporting for cryptocurrency. The system offers non-custodial verification of crypto payments and support for Coinbase, a crypto exchange platform. Of course, in the current environment, businesses still need to operate in the traditional financial world — consequently, Gilded also offers conventional payment options like credit cards via an integration with Stripe. Similarly, invoices can be sent for both traditional and crypto payments.

The accounting module automatically syncs with the accountant or business user’s accounting software of choice, and offers tax reports as well.

“When you get in a car, you don’t have to understand the mechanics of an internal combustion engine to be able to drive it,” said Gil Hildebrand, CEO and co-founder of Gilded. “That’s what we’re trying to do for crypto.”

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