In the Blogs: Some Wicked Season

Highlights of some of our favorite tax-related blogs from the past week.

Some season wicked this way comes

  • Taxable Talk: Catch Your Breath Now Dept.: How the 2015 season “will be one you’re almost certain to remember for all the wrong reasons.” Four reasons behind your predestined, looming grouchiness.
  • Solutions for CPA Firm Leaders: Nothing spells disorganization and work pressure quite like tax season. “What if,” this blogger wonders, “when scheduling your upcoming busy season work, you gave your people a voice in their assignments?” Might work better than you think.

The up and up

  • The Wandering Tax Pro: IRS adjusting of items on the 1040 for cost of living increases dates back more than three decades now. But as this entry shows, equal treatment doesn’t also balance out over time.
  • Taxes at The new Medicare tax. This might hurt a bit.
  • The Tax Times: Off and running: Expatriation from the land of the free continues to increase on the heels of the number of Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship stuck near an all-time high before hiding assets overseas becomes a lot harder.

And there’s a whistle

  • Due Diligence: In this week’s roundup: “Hong Kong Signs FATCA Pact”; “There Is a New Sheriff in Town – You”; “County Clerk Says Tax Evasion Charges Racially Motivated”; “Another Swiss Banker Indicted”; “Medicare Fraud, Whistleblowers and Patient Recruiters”; “Big Banks Too Big to Serve?”; “IRS – OPR: Should Convicted Felons Prepare Tax Returns?”; “N.J. Supreme Court and Whistleblower Retaliation”; and “Criminal Charges and Whistleblowers.”
  • Tax Girl: Time out: “NFL Flagged with Another Challenge to Tax-Exempt Status Because of Redskins” looks at how members of Congress are trying to chop-block the National Football League’s tax-exempt status with a second bill unless the Washington What’stheirnames yank their increasingly objectionable moniker. (We speak as a lifelong fan of the D.C. club when we observe that in recent decades the ’skins have had big troubles with numbers, too, especially in the Wins column.)


  • John R. Dundon II EA: As this blogger notes, “Defining Passive Activity Between Spouses – Beyond the Bedroom: What Is Material Participation?” makes an excellent script for a low-budget B movie.
  • Taxing Subjects: Fitzgerald was first, we believe, to call money the great lubricant. Turns out the gears of even the IRS seize up without oil, especially when it comes to corralling delinquent taxes.
  • Tax Maven: To death and taxes we may add among life’s certainties, at least for most of your clients who look to retire, investing. “8 Tax Efficient Investing Basics” bowing to the adage that indeed it is not what you make but what you keep. A look at bonds, small-capitalization growth stocks, tax-exempt munis and REITs, to name a few.
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