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The conventional wisdom says that Millennials are very tech-savvy, which means they’ll know when the software and hardware you provide them aren’t up to snuff.

The trick is to avoid turning your firm into a time machine, experts warn: If young employees feel like coming to work means entering a time machine that takes them back to a time with older, more primitive technology, they won’t appreciate it.

Take a cue from JW Advisors, in Las Vegas: “We have a state-of-the-art, award-winning work environment,” the firm reporte. “New employees receive a brand-new desktop/laptop, three desktop monitors, two field monitors, iPhones, iPads, etc.” The firm’s best practices include a three-year rotation policy for new computers.

Similarly, Maryland’s Santos, Postal & Co. “provides the absolute best technology available on the market (software and hardware). All employees have two or three monitors, the most current PDAs, etc.”

Many others focus on being cutting-edge in particular areas, with souped-up workflow systems, or completely paperless offices. At Barnes Saly & Co. in Pennsylvania, for instance, the entire full-time staff of was given iPad Minis to access company e-mails and calendars.

And at California’s Johanson & Yau, “We employ the latest computer and other technology available to maintain continuous communication among employees and clients. We provide smart phones to our management team, and we are considering expanding this benefit to all accountants.”

Of course, while keeping up with technology is a must for firms that want to attract and retain younger accountants, it can be a struggle for firms – and baffling to older staff. Hence the interesting approach taken by California’s Duffy, Kruspodin & Co.: “For senior employees who are unable to keep up with the overall fast pace of the industry and ever-changing advancements in technology, we transition them into other roles where they can succeed,” the firm said.

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