Kyriba debuts new business intelligence solution for CFOs

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Kyriba, which makes cloud treasury and financial management solutions, has released Business Intelligence (BI), a new software module fully integrated with its existing financial management platform.

The software is designed to help finance and treasury executives dynamically visualize and convert their constantly growing volumes of financial data into actionable insights. The release is in step with an increasing move towards forecasting and analytics capabilities in accounting and financial software, as accounting professionals get access to more technology that takes care of the data collection and organizing part of their job, allowing them to take on a larger advisory role with their clients and within their organizations.

The way Kyriba sees it, an increasingly complex global business environment has caused CFOs and senior finance leaders to become mired in large stack of financial data, making it difficult to pull out strategic insights. BI takes aim at solving this problem.

According to Kyriba, standard reporting is well-suited to routine, activity-based metrics; Kyriba Business Intelligence is designed for performance-based treasury metrics and KPIs. For example, users can get instant insight into strategic questions such as “What risks are my cash flows exposed to?”, “Has our bank rationalization project met our bank fee reduction metric?”, or “Are my global cash forecasts reliable?”

Key features of Kyriba BI include:

● On-demand analysis: Generate targeted analysis based on user-defined scenarios and drag-and-drop functionality;

● Smart visualizations: Uncover trends in data and data relationships through graphical exploration;

● Self-service reporting: Leverage pre-built KPIs and visualizations or build custom interactive dashboards;

● Fully integrated: Fully secured within Kyriba’s scalable cloud and ready for team collaboration and segregated data workflows; and

● Ready to go: Can be deployed immediately, with instant access to current and historical data hosted by Kyriba.

“Today’s CEOs and boards of directors are asking for — and even demanding — better analysis and KPIs to help guide the business,” said Jean-Luc Robert, chairman and CEO at Kyriba, in a statement. “Kyriba Business Intelligence delivers those metrics and strategic insight through highly visual dashboards, enabling faster, more effective global business decisions.”

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