MACPA meets with local lawmakers for annual CPA Day

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More than 200 members of the Maryland Association of CPAs traveled to the state capital in Annapolis on Jan. 24, 2019 to host MACPA's annual CPA Day.

The event, which also marks the beginning of the Maryland General Assembly’s annual legislative session, saw professionals meet directly with state legislators to discuss issues impacting clients and the profession.

This year's Maryland General Assembly includes three CPAs: Brian Feldman, a senator from the 15th Legislative District; Arthur Ellis, a newly elected senator from the 28th Legislative District; and William Wivell, a delegate from District 2A. In all, there are 60 new members of the Maryland General Assembly in 2019 (out of 188 total legislators), with MACPA members hoping to build a working relationship with these governmental newcomers.

"More than 3,000 bills will be heard by the 188 legislators in 90 days," MACPA executive director Tom Hood remarked at the event, per a statement. "With the election turnover from November, we need to introduce ourselves to 60 new legislators. If not you, who will help us protect our profession and your license? And if not now, when will you make time for your profession and the license that you worked so hard to earn?"

“CPAs have tremendous political clout in Annapolis,” stated Senator Feldman at the event. “Your business expertise gives you credibility that other professions don’t have.”

MACPA wishes to pass CPA firm license mobility this year, as well as pass measures to protect the state’s CPA licensing system. The association is also looking to halt a number of measures, including:

  • Stop sales taxes on professional services;
  • Minimize the impact of complex tax issues, such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Supreme Court’s “Wayfair” decision;
  • Stop liability risk from comparative fault;
  • Stop excessive data protection and privacy legislation;
  • Stop onerous employment issues and laws such as nondisclosure agreements and non-competes.

MACPA has additionally launched a legislative resource center to track bills impacting the profession as they progress through the General Assembly. Professionals can use the resource to follow the progress of bills and to conmmunicate with their legislators.
For more information, head to MACPA's site here.

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