Money When They Don’t Expect It

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Few things are as welcome as money you weren’t expecting.

The Best Firms to Work For know this, and many of them make a point of empowering managers and firm leaders to dole out a little extra green when circumstances warrant it.

The 23 employees at Littleton, Colo.’s WhippleWood CPAs, for instance, are eligible for “Hero Awards” – off-the-cuff awards of $110 for staff members who have given 110 percent.

And when managers at Boston’s Wolf & Co. see of the firm’s 204 employees going above and beyond, or delivering extraordinary results, they can reward them with an immediate on-the-spot bonus – typically a $100 gift card.

Similarly, managers and partners at Colorado’s Anton Collins Mitchell have a discretionary dollar amount that they can distribute to members of the 135-person-strong staff for a job well done. The employee gets sent the amount and then goes to to pick a gift card.

New Jersey’s Haefele, Flanagan & Co. offers an interesting twist: When one of its 30 employees has been recognized by a client for excellent performance, they can receive an Atta Boy/Girl Award -- $50 and acknowledgement at a firm briefing.

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