Every so often I open my mouth only to change feet.

Some who know me well may argue it happens more frequently than that, but let's move on.

In the two decades or so that I've been doing this, I have, to be sure, gotten reader feedback on past articles and columns that, shall we say, was several levels below civilized. Some have instructed me to perform physically impossible tasks, while others have called into question my relationship with my mother, not to mention various household pets.

And like most in this business, I've written on a variety of controversial and flavor-of-the-month issues, some which have obviously provoked more visceral responses than others.

Some feedback on past pieces I truly expected to receive, while other responses have, to be honest, blindsided me.

Like last week.

Little did I realize that when I penned "Low-Carb Explanation," which among other things, slammed the Atkins Diet and, I guess by proxy, those who follow it, that so many of you would take it to heart.

What I attempted to do-- and, judging from reader response -- obviously didn't, was to dismiss doughnut retailer Krispy Kreme's explanation of its slumping fortunes on the low-carb diet craze -- the Atkins Diet included.

I also regaled reader's with my father's brief -- but unsuccessful -- fling with the regimen back in the 1970s and how the lack of carbohydrates made him only slightly more unpleasant to be with than say, Torquemada.

According to readers, I unfairly or wrongly -- perhaps both -- inferred that the late Dr. Atkins' weight when he passed away was evidence that his diet was quasi-farcical.

Well, if you'll pardon the bad pun, after weighing the evidence I probably owe the followers of Atkins a semi-apology. Many of you who wrote me revealed your successful weight loss -- including one who lost an astounding 220 pounds and kept it off -- and subsequent maintenance.

To keep this column in the realm for which it was initially intended, one reader pointed out the sedentary nature the CPA profession and how something should be done about that.

Can't argue that point. I've attended many CPA conferences and have yet to spot too many potential candidates for Baywatch.

And to be fair, those who adopt the Atkins Diet are trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle and weight management.

Not like, say, the Hollywood dolts who preach murky concepts such as Scientology as a means of spiritual nirvana.

But let's be clear on this, I'm still a pasta zealot and won't change. Ever.

I figure I'll have just enough time for one or two bowls before the inevitable barrage of emails from angry Scientologists.

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