Priority Software releases new version of ERP solution

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ERP solutions provider Priority Software released Priority v18.2, which includes enhanced system openness and mobile capabilities, a document generator, and new support for regulations and compliance.

The new version also includes: open ID authentication so users can authenticate through various sources; enhancements to Priority’s mobile application generator; a new mobile application for purchasing approvals so company managers can access and process pending purchase orders on their mobile devices; streamlined shipping and fulfillment with the integration of smart shipping API ShipEngine; enhanced design options for outgoing business documents; new preventative maintenance capabilities; improved warehouse management system; and support for Portugal and France regulation compliance, online VAT submission to the U.K., and an EU reverse tax scheme where the customer declares value-added taxes on behalf of a vendor.

"Our customers are always looking for new ways to improve their productivity so we never stop innovating,” stated Andres Richter, CEO of Rockaway, N.J.-based Priority Software. “We are pleased to further develop ERP as a platform and deliver the tools our customers need – openness, mobile capabilities and flexibility. Our focus for 2018 is to continue to provide stronger platform capabilities and in parallel, support our accelerated growth around the globe. Priority v18.2 is further testament to our mission of making ERP easier."

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