HIGH-END AND MID-MARKET ACCOUNTINGACCOUNTMATE 6.5 AccountMate Software Corp. Sold world-wide, this accounting and business management software provides a stable and modifiable accounting solution for the mid-market. It is sold by the module, which enables customers to acquire software they initially need and add modules as their business needs increase. The availability of source code makes this software highly modifiable for adaptation to any changing business environment. It runs on Microsoft's SQL development engine database. Accountmate provides a foundation upon which third-party developers can build industry-specific solutions. Planned enhancements: Additional international taxation; enhanced multi-lingual capabilities. Users: 120,000. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: Compiled modules - $1,500; source code - $1,500 per module; System Manager - $7,000 for five users. Maint./support: 15 percent of system cost; 25 percent for life-cycle maintenance. Training: Sales, modification and product training available via Internet, locally and at headquarters. Customer contact: (800) 877-8896 ext. 752.ACCPAC ADVANTAGE SERIES Accpac (Best Software) Available as a Web-based or client/server application, Accpac Advantage Series is designed for scalability from small businesses up to small enterprises. It supports the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and Pervasive.SQL databases, and is available in three editions for different types and sizes of end users. It also integrates with other Accpac applications for customer relationship management, e-commerce, human resources, point of sale, electronic data interchange and warehouse management. Planned enhancements: Version 5.2 launched in October 2004. Users: 40,000+ sites. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP; Novell NetWare; AS/400; Linux. Pricing: Single and multi-user - $495 per user and up. Starting price per module - $495 (for Small Business Edition). Maint./support: Annual fees - 18 percent to 28 percent of suggested retail price, depending on level of tech support included. Training: On-site through certified consultants, or computer-based. Customer contact: (800) 945-8007 or sales accpac.com. ACCPAC PRO SERIES Accpac (Best Software) This open source code suite of applications for small and midsized businesses is available in Small Business and Enterprise editions. Add-on modules include multiple currency, manufacturing, customization manager, inter-company transactions and direct deposit. It supports the Microsoft SQL and IBM DB2 databases, Windows and Linux operating systems, and integrates with other Accpac "end-to-end" business management applications, including CRM, HR, EDI and others. Planned enhancements: Version 7.3 launched in September 2004. Users: 27,000+ sites. Platforms: Windows, 2000, NT and XP; Novell NetWare; Linux. Pricing: Small Business Edition - starts at $995 per module. Maint./support: Annual fees - 18 percent to 28 percent of suggested retail price, depending on level of tech support included. Training: On-site through Accpac certified consultants. Customer contact: (800) 945-8007 or sales accpac.com. ACCTRAK21 12.0 AccTrak21 USA Inc. AccTrak21 offers award-winning business management/intelligence solutions for accounting professionals and their small and midsized business clientele. AccTrak21 is built upon a single architectural backbone, allowing for complete and seamless integration between all of its toolsets. Accountants and their clients enter information only once and the data is shared throughout the entire system. AccTrak21 allows accountants to create a deeper "advisory relationship" with their SMB clients through the use of collaborative management and information-sharing tools. Planned enhancements: CRM - lead management, automated workflow, CRM contact center in PDA. Enhanced report writer. Practice management - disbursements, offline mode/e-mail timesheet/Web timesheet, PDA front-end for timesheet and expenses. Users: 5,000+ in 22 countries. Platforms: Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0 with SP3 or higher; NT Workstation 4.0 with SP3 or higher; 2000 Professional or XP or 2003. Pricing: Starts at $1,999. Maint./support: Provided in conjunction with AccTrak21 distribution partners. Training: Available via AccTrak21 partners, direct from AccTrak21 via Internet, or at the customer's offices. Customer contact: (888) 595-8460. AXAPTA 3.0 Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta 3.0 is an integrated business management solution created specifically for growing midsized businesses, offering users even greater access to the business information and processes that they need to do their work through a new Web framework. It also offers new capabilities and enhancements across the manufacturing, distribution and financial applications. Planned enhancements: Microsoft Axapta due in 2005. Users: 4,500+. Platforms: Windows. Pricing: From $120,000 to $500,000. Maint./support: MBS Enhancement Plan and support through partners. Training: Training can be done through solution centers. Customer contact: MBS Support Services or local authorized dealer, (800) 456-0025 or mgpinfo microsoft.com. BUSINESSWORKS GOLD V. 5.0 Accpac (Best Software) BusinessWorks Gold V. 5.0 is designed for companies with from five to 50 employees, and bridges the gap between off-the-shelf, entry-level products and complex high-end systems. Its modular design is suited for growing small and midsized businesses that require more muscle than basic bookkeeping software can provide. Planned enhancements: Version 5.0 began shipping recently, with enhanced reporting capabilities, expanded pricing levels and advanced search capabilities, as well as an improved set-up process and new inventory management tools. An ACT! Link is planned for Version 6.0. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 2000, XP and NT; Novell. Pricing: Varies, depending on modules selected. Core accounting bundle for BusinessWorks Gold Standard Edition - starts at $995, includes SM, GL, AP, AR and one-year subscription plan; other modules and subscription plans are also available. Maint./support: Varies, depending on modules selected. Training: Available. Varies by type and content. Customer contact: (800) 447-5700. COUGAR MOUNTAIN ACCOUNTING Cougar Mountain Software Cougar Mountain Accounting offers depth, power and flexibility in an affordable package that grows with a company's needs. With users authorized by function and module, the security is strong. The program includes all the basic modules you need to run a business, and additional modules are available to customize the solution to a company's needs. Cougar Mountain Accounting is GAAP- and FASB-compliant. Planned enhancements: Version 9 was released in Fall 2004. Users: 20,000+. Platforms: Windows 2000 or XP Professional. Pricing: Single user - $1,499; four users - $2,699; unlimited users - $3,699 Maint./support: Various plans available. Support also available through authorized resellers nationwide. Training: $795 per person for three-day training at Cougar U in Boise, Idaho, or $995 per day plus all expenses at customer's site (three-day minimum). Online training - $250 to $720. Customer contact: (800) 388-3038 or sales cougarmtn.com CYMA IV FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CYMA Systems Inc. Designed expressly for small and midsized businesses, Cyma IV features an easy-to-use interface with custom fields, and includes over 300 reports. Available modules include AR, AP, bank reconciliation, general ledger, inventory control, job costing, payroll, purchase order, and sales order. Separate CYMA versions are also available for client write-up work and for use by nonprofits. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: 3,300+. Platforms: Windows 2000, NT and XP; Novell NetWare. Pricing: $595 per module, $595 per each additional user. Maint./support: Maintenance fee -16.5 percent of retail price per year. Tech support - $100 per incident or annual plans based on number of modules/users. Training: N/A. Customer contact: (800) 292-2962 or info cyma.com. GREAT PLAINS 8.0 Microsoft Business Solutions Microsoft Great Plains 8.0 delivers improved usability; rich functionality for distribution, manufacturing and project accounting; greater capabilities through integrations with Microsoft Business Solutions Business Portal 2.5 and Microsoft Office 2003; and improved analytics. Planned enhancements: Microsoft Great Plains 8.0 was released in June 2004. A future release is planned. Users: 32,100 (Windows only). Platforms: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP; Novell NetWare. Pricing: Standard Edition (for smaller mid-market organizations) - starts at $4,500 for a single user; Professional Edition (for mid-market customers or divisions of larger organizations) - starts at $6,500 for a single user. Maint./support: First-year program - 18 percent of list price (provides product and database updates; federal, local and Canadian provincial tax updates; a professional services tools library; incident support with a three-hour guarantee; and an orientation training CD). Subsequent-year services - 16 percent of product list price. Training: Classroom, computer-based and Internet-based, and manuals. Customer contact: MBS Support Services or local authorized dealer, (800) 456-0025 or mgpinfo microsoft.com. MAS 90/200 Best Software Inc. MAS 90 includes core accounting, e-commerce, business intelligence, payroll, CRM, sales force automation and financial reporting functions, and manufacturing and wholesale/distribution solutions that automate inventory management, bill of materials, and job costing. With release 4.0, introduced last March, a new Business Insights reporter is included, along with general ledger enhancements, security enhancements, and additional new features for added insight and usability. MAS 200 offers all the functionality of MAS 90 on a client/server platform, with enhanced distributed processing, data integrity and scalability. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 95, 98, 200, NT and XP; Novell NetWare. Pricing: Single user - MAS 90 starts at $3,500; multi-user - starts at $6,000; starter package - $3,500; avg. price per module - $1,500; suite of core modules - $6,000. MAS 200 -starts at $7,725 for five users and up; MAS 200 for SQL Server - $12,000. Maint./support: Annual fees - 15 percent of list price. Tech support - ranges from $1,500 to $2,400 (plus price of maintenance). Training: Varies by type and content. Customer contact: April O'Neil, lead development manager, (800) 854-3415 or sales bestsoftware.com. NAVISION 4.0 Microsoft Business Solutions Microsoft Navision 4.0 was developed specifically for small and midmarket segment organizations that want to focus on growing and improving their businesses. It can be implemented rapidly, customized and maintained with minimal disruption to the business. The product integrates financial, manufacturing, distribution, customer management, supply chain, analytics and e-commerce data into one solution. Planned enhancements: Navision 4.0 released in October 2004. Future releases planned. Users: 45,000. Platforms: Windows. Pricing: Single user, typical configuration - starts at $2,500. Maint./support: MBS Enhancement Plan and support through partners. Training: Training can be done through solution centers. Customer contact: www.microsoft.com/businesssolutions. OPEN SYSTEMS ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE (OSAS) Open Systems Inc. This open source code product includes general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, inventory, sales and distribution, order entry, purchasing, payroll, fixed assets, bill of materials, bank reconciliation, job costing, and construction modules. Other key features include open database connectivity and a Web interface. Vertical applications and a client/server edition are also available. Planned enhancements: An optional Java-based BBj implementation that will allow users to open multiple function screens at one time or run functions for several companies simultaneously. This new graphical interface can be accessed on non-Windows operating systems such as Linux, Unix and Apple Mac OS X, making it easier for users to navigate through functions and menus. Users: 400,000. Platforms: Windows 2000 and XP; Windows 2003 (Server); Unix; Linux; Sun Solaris; AIX; HP-UX. Pricing: $1,500 per module; Resource Manager - varies based on user count. Maint./support: Various plans; contact vendor. Training: Users - $45 to $65 per hour; resellers - $45 per hour. Customer contact: (800) 328-2276 or info osas.com. QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS Intuit Inc. Designed for growing businesses, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions enables a company's multiple business functions to be more productive, provides greater control, and provides the insight to help make smarter decisions. Users get all the features of QuickBooks Pro and Premier, plus unlimited support incidents with the Full Service Plan. There is also an Accountant Edition available. Planned enhancements: New user permission features; 10 simultaneous users; increased performance; and double the data capacity of regular QuickBooks. Users: 15,000 (est.) Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: $3,500 (includes full service package: support/version protection). Maint./support: Included in full service package. Training: Product training available via Internet. Customer contact: (800) 365-9608. SAP BUSINESS ONE 2004 SAP America An affordable, integrated software solution covering core operations (including accounting and banking, CRM, vendor management, manufacturing, material requirements planning, purchasing and selling, and reporting and analysis), SAP Business One 2004 is simple by design, requiring minimal training for users. For SMBs with 10 to several hundred employees, SAP Business One 2004 is the starting point for companies looking for greater visibility and control and more effective business management. Planned enhancements: Most recent release in October 2004. Users: App. 3,700 worldwide. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: $3,750 per seat; $3,750 per seat for network version. Maint./support: Annual maintenance - 17 percent of system cost. Training: Sales, modification and product training available via Internet, locally and headquarters. Customer contact: Richard Haugen, COO, (718) 797-3671. SOLOMON 6.0 Microsoft Business Solutions Microsoft Solomon 6.0 allows customers to simplify their business management experience with an enhanced product interface and access to integrated, Web-based data and functions. New capabilities for managing projects and distribution deliver a powerful and comprehensive solution for project-, service- and distribution-driven organizations. Planned enhancements: Microsoft Solomon 6.0 released in October 2004. A future release is planned. Users: 13,460 (Windows only). Platforms: Windows. Pricing: Single user - starts at $4,500. Maint./support: First-year program - 18 percent of list price (provides product and database updates; federal, local and Canadian provincial tax updates; a professional services tools library; incident support with a three-hour guarantee; and an orientation training CD). Subsequent-year services - 16 percent of product list price. Training: N/A. Customer contact: MBS Support Services or local authorized dealer, (800) 456-0025 or mgpinfo microsoft.com. SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTING MYOB BusinessEssentials Pro MYOB US Inc. MYOB BusinessEssentials Pro delivers a complete suite of key tools to gain more insight into and successfully manage a small business, including powerful accounting with Premier Accounting, financial forecasting with Ultimate Financial Forecaster, personnel management with Staff Files, appointment scheduling with Customer Appointment Manager, insightful business books, and more. Planned enhancements: N/A (latest version just released). Users: 500,000 worldwide. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or Windows NT 4 (Service Pack 6) or higher. Pricing: Single user - $299; multi-user - $149 for each additional license; pack of five licenses - $499. Maint./support: Tech support - $249 ($20.99 monthly), single user; $299 ($24.99 monthly), multi-user; basic - $89 ($7.99 monthly). Training: N/A. Customer contact: Customer care, (800) 322-6962 or njcustserv getmyob.com. PEACHTREE PREMIUM ACCOUNTING Peachtree (Best Software) Peachtree Premium Accounting 2005 includes advanced, multi-user option accounting features to help business owners manage growing businesses more effectively. With comprehensive functionality, Crystal Reports for Peachtree and a multi-user option, Peachtree Premium Accounting 2005 helps deliver the insight behind the numbers. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows XP SP1, 2000 SP3, ME, 98 SE or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6a. Product will not operate in a Windows Terminal Server Environment using Windows Terminal Services. Pricing: Single user - $499.99; multi-user - $999.99. Maint./support: $179 to $299, depending upon the plan. Optional Peachtree Payroll Tax Service is $179.95. Training: Hands-on training guides; CD-ROM accounting tutorial; local training through Best Software Small Business Division certified consultants. Customer contact: Sales peachtree.com or (800) 228-0068. QUICKBOOKS PREMIER ACCOUNTANT EDITION 2005 Intuit Inc. QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2005 contains advanced bookkeeping, write-up and financial reporting tools to help accountants more efficiently deliver client service. Accountants who perform write-up or bookkeeping work can use the Accountant Edition whether their clients use QuickBooks or not, and can also open clients' QuickBooks files to review the data, produce financial statements or prepare returns. Planned enhancements: New built-in financial statement designer; new working trial balance tool; improved fixed assets tools. Users: N/A (total QuickBooks user base is app. 2.6 million users). Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: Single copy - $499.95/$379.95 (upgrader); five-pack - $1,499.95/$1,349.95 (upgrader). Maint./support: Pricing varies depending on selected support plan. Training: Product training available via Internet. Customer contact: (800) 267-8379. SIMPLY ACCOUNTING Best Software Inc. Simply Accounting 2005 Basic provides a comprehensive set of accounting and business management functions that help small business owners stay on the pulse of their business, improve efficiencies, and save both time and money. Simply Accounting Basic provides general ledger, receivables, payables, inventory, project costing and payroll, with comprehensive reporting and support for businesses operating with two currencies. A comprehensive dashboard provides business owners with key metrics for up-to-the-minute snapshots. Simply Accounting was awarded PC World "World Class" Awards for Best Business Accounting Software in 2003 and 2004. Planned enhancements: N/A; released in November 2004. Users: 400,000+. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: $49. Maint./support: $99, includes product and payroll tax table updates. Training: Available from local consultants. Customer contact: (800) 773-5445. CLIENT WRITE-UP CLIENT LEDGER SYSTEM Financial MicroSystems Inc. CLS provides a complete portfolio of financial statements, along with departmental and division reporting and bank reconciliation. It includes trend analysis, pro forma and formal journal entries, cost allocation, lead sheets, trial balance work sheets and other reports normally found in write-up software. Its fully integrated after-the-fact payroll provides employee and vendor records, and it prepares laser-printed W-2, W-3, 1099, 1096, 940, 941 and 943 forms and state unemployment continuation sheets. Magnetic media processing add-ons are also available. Planned enhancements: Financial statement report generator. Users: 3,200. Platforms: Windows XP, ME, 98, 2000, 2003 and NT; Novell NetWare; MS-DOS. Pricing: Single user - $995; multi-user - $1,595; limited edition - $595. Maint./support: Annual updates - single user, $299; network, $399; limited, $159. Annual tech support contract - $85 to $300; on-demand - $25 to $35. Training: Usually holds four to six CLS training classes per year. Customer contact: Tech support, techsupport clientledgersystem.com or (770) 446-5709. CPACLIENT WRITE-UP Best Software Inc. CPAClient Write-Up combines general ledger functions, after-the-fact payroll, flexible financial statements, heads-down data entry and on-screen working trial balance into a powerful client write-up package. Integrating with the entire CPASoftware product line, CPAClient Write-Up also interfaces with third-party tax preparation software and ProfitCents, as well as offering data import/export capability with Peachtree, MAS 90, FAS, Quicken and QuickBooks. Planned enhancements: Semi-annual releases. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows, including XP. Pricing: $1,285, including laser checks, ATF payroll, bank reconciliation, federal and state reporting; integrated CPAAccounting Manager programs include Payroll ($795), AP & AR ($395 each), and DP ($695). Maint./support: First six months of tech support is free. Maintenance agreement includes toll-free phone and on-line support, including 24/7 access to Solution Center knowledge base. Training: Classroom, regional, Web-based, and on-site training options. Customer contact: (800) 272-7123 opt. 2, or sales cpasoftware.com. EASYACCT PROFESSIONAL SERIES Intuit Inc. This comprehensive program includes the functionality to help serve clients quickly and easily, such as basic write-up, general ledger, payroll, customizable financial statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable and more. Planned enhancements: E-file 940s and 941s; faster transaction entry; improved integration with Lacerte; corrected compliance forms; new posting options; new search/find; tighter after-the-fact payroll controls; more flexible financial statements; bank reconciliation; and auto transactions in accounts payable. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP. Pricing: New user - $1,590; upgrade - $850. Maint./support: In-product, online, e-mail and telephone. Training: Product training available via Internet and locally. Customer contact: (800) 934-1040. WRITE-UP SOLUTION Creative Solutions Inc. This multi-platform program automates all processes, from entering data to generating financial statements, to preparing year-end reports and handling after-the-fact payroll reporting. It fully integrates with Creative Solution's accounting and tax preparation software applications. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: 16,000+ firms. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000 NT and XP; Novell, NT and 2000 Terminal Server; Citrix MetaFrame. Pricing: Single user - starts at $1,800; multi-user - $1,000 for four users; $400 for additional four-user bundles. Maint./support: Annual fees - 7.5 percent to 20 percent of retail, depending on license type. Tech support - $90 per hour. Training: Hands-on classroom, teletraining, on-site and interactive computer-based; getting started guide and vendor's annual users conference. Customer contact: (800) 968-8900 or csisales thomson.com. CRM ACCPAC CRM Accpac (Best Software) This software enables organizations to manage and coordinate all interactions related to sales, marketing, customer care, operations and financial information across multiple channels, departments, industries, languages, currencies and locations. It works with thin-client architecture designed for the Web and wireless devices, including hand-helds and cellular phones, and fully integrates with Accpac's Advantage and Pro Series accounting software. It's also available Web-hosted at AccpacCRM.com. Planned enhancements: New upgrades and performance enhancements to be announced in Version 5.7, slated for release in 2005. Users: 13,000+. Platforms: Windows; XP; Microsoft SQL; Oracle; Sybase; IBM DB2. Pricing: Single user - SalesTeam, $595; CRM, $995 (boxed product). Hosted version - SalesTeam, $49 per user per month; CRM, $69 per user per month; five-user system - $995 per year. Maint./support: 18 percent to 40 percent of software's suggested retail price. Training: Certification, solution provider and end-user training available online, on-site and classroom. Customer contact: (800) 945-8007 or sales accpac.com. MICROSOFT CRM Microsoft Business Solutions This customer relationship management solution includes a full software suite plus hands-on assistance with installation, customization and maintenance from Microsoft Business Solutions partners, and an array of optional services and support from Microsoft Technical Support Services. It is designed specifically for middle-market businesses, enabling them to handle a full range of sales and customer service functions. Planned enhancements: The 1.2 version includes an improved user interface, enhanced Outlook capabilities, and updated reporting and set-up functionality. Features integration with the vendor's Great Plains 8.0 accounting solutions. Also to be available worldwide in over 50 countries. Users: 3,500. Platforms: Windows 2000, XP. Pricing: From $395 per user plus $995 for the server (Standard level) to $1,295 per user plus $1,990 for the server (Professional Suite level). Maint./support: Maintained and supported via the MBS Software Assurance Program, included with all license purchases. Training: Typically through MBS solution partners. Customer contact: MBS Support Services or local authorized dealer, (800) 456-0025 or mgpinfo microsoft.com. SALESLOGIX 6.2 Best Software Inc. Designed to meet the distinct needs of small to midsized businesses, SalesLogix delivers integrated sales, marketing, customer service and support automation solutions that adapt to users' unique customer acquisition, retention and development processes. SalesLogix provides a complete CRM solution that is flexible and easy to use, and readily accommodates growth and changing business requirements. Version 6.2 adds a new customer service module and the SalesLogix for Pocket PC option. Planned enhancements: Version 6.2 released in August 2004. Users: 6,000 sites. Platforms: All Windows, including XP. Pricing: Per seat - starts at $795; server pricing - starts at $1,795. Maint./support: 20 percent of the software's list price includes total maintenance and support. Training: Offered through the partner channel, prices vary. Online training also available. Customer contact: (866) 308-BEST or sales bestsoftware.com. ERP EPICOR ENTERPRISE Epicor Software Corp. Epicor Enterprise is an end-to-end suite of industry-specific solutions for global midmarket enterprises. From CRM and enterprise service automation to financial and supply chain management, solutions are complemented by a full range of services, providing a single point of accountability promoting rapid return on investment and low cost of ownership. Epicor Enterprise leverages Microsoft .Net technology and servers. Planned enhancements: Enhancements in distribution, financials, procurement, sourcing and hospitality suites. Users: 4,000+. Platforms: Windows 2000, 2003 and XP. Pricing: Single user - N/A; multi-user - $25,000 for five-user pack. Maint./support: Annual fees - 20 percent of purchase price. Training: $500 to $2,000 per class. Customer contact: (800) 997-7528 or info epicor.com. MACOLA ES Exact Software Macola ES is an ERP-II solution for midsized enterprises that includes integrated financial, distribution, manufacturing, human resources and supply chain applications to help customers perform their accounting, control their inventory, process their orders and plan their material and resource usage in a Microsoft SQL environment. Offering a scalable and flexible environment that provides strategic visibility into a company's business processes, Macola ES allows organizations to operate more effectively and efficiently. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: Contact vendor. Maint./support: Contact vendor. Customer contact: Kamma Cobb, manager of sales services, (800) 468-0834 or kamma.cobb exactsoftware.com. MAS 500 Best Software Inc. Originally launched as an accounting application, Best has expanded MAS 500 into an integrated suite that includes accounting, manufacturing, business intelligence, CRM, e-commerce, fixed asset management, HR/payroll and project accounting. It is scalable, with customization capabilities and easy integration with Microsoft Office, back office systems and the Internet. The latest version began shipping in September 2003. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: Single user - $10,000; multi-user - $15,000; starter pack - $15,000; avg. price per module - $3,000. Maint./support: Maintenance - 15 percent of software price. Tech support - 5 percent or 15 percent depending on service level. Training: Varies. Customer contact: (800) 854-3415 or sales bestsoftware.com. FINANCIAL PLANNING ADVISORPLATFORM 3.5 eMoney Advisor eMoney's AdvisorPlatform is a Web-based wealth planning and client management tool that enables more complete planning and better servicing of the client's needs. Advisors can take advantage of a comprehensive planning center, proactively manage their client relationships and increase revenues and assets under management. Planned enhancements: Goal planning for education, retirement and expenses; multiple client levels; advanced data sharing; ability to aggregate liabilities; support for foreign currencies; portfolio design center; wizard-based data entry; enhanced estate planning; and output to MS Powerpoint. Users: Thousands of advisors and planners, including those associated with PricewaterhouseCoopers, CBiz, MassMutual and Union Central, among others. Platforms: Web-based platform works with Windows XP, Unix/Linux, Sun and Mac. Pricing: $1,500 per advisor seat, plus $400 per client seat. Enterprise pricing depends on amount of configuration desired and number of advisors and client seats. Maint./support: Online support and upgrades included with individual license. Training: Training available via online Webcasts, through customer service and through videos. Customer contact: (888) 362-8482. MORNINGSTAR PRINCIPIA Morningstar Morningstar Principia is designed to help financial professionals research six types of investments - stocks, mutual funds, variable annuity/life subaccounts, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and separate accounts - and combine them in real-world portfolios. Its portfolio tools simplify construction and analysis, making it easier to diagnose problems and monitor investment plans. Principia covers a huge number of stocks, mutual funds and more, and offers various levels of reports, a portfolio construction tool, and a tool for creating hypothetical illustrations. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: 50,000. Platforms: Windows 98, NT 4.0, ME, XP or 2000. Pricing: Ranges from $615 for a subscription to one investment database to $2,695 for a subscription package spanning multiple investment universes. Maint./support: Tech support included in subscription fee. Training: Online and classroom training starts at $99 per person. Customer contact: (800) 735-0700 or advisorsupport morningstar.com. NAVIPLAN V. 9.0C Emerging Information Systems Inc. NaviPlan is a financial planning software suite that addresses the full wealth management spectrum. Advisors select planning features on a client-by-client basis to deliver the most relevant level of advice in the fewest possible steps. NaviPlan Standard provides three levels of goal-based analysis, and NaviPlan Extended provides sophisticated cash flow-based planning features. Planned enhancements: In January 2005, NaviPlan Standard will be available on an ASP platform. Also expected: a financial assessment tool for completing needs analyses in 10 minutes, and new action-oriented client reports. Users: 70,000. Platforms: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP; Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. Pricing: One-year, single-unit NaviPlan Standard - $625; Extended - $1,250; NaviPlan Suite (includes Standard and Extended) - $1,550. Maint./support: Technical support, regularly scheduled product enhancements and updates to tax calculation engine are included with license. Product upgrades are typically released twice annually. Training: Free training, support and product update resources are available online at a product support Web site for both licensed and trial NaviPlan users. Live, Web-based training sessions available. Customer contact: Sales - (888) 692-3474 or sales naviplan.com. Tech support - (888) 692-3474 or support naviplan.com. PFP Notebook Brentmark Software Inc. PFP Notebook's modular areas include client section, financial data, risk management, investments, retirement planning, estate planning, education funding and income tax. It generates calculation reports and 3-D color graphs, and includes customizable explanatory text. It also interacts with other Brentmark programs, including Pension Distributions Planner and Pension & Roth IRA Analyzer. Reports can now be saved as PDF or RTF files. Planned enhancements: More integration with other Brentmark products and other vendors' products. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows, including XP. Pricing: Single user - $595; multi-user - $1,190 (two to 10 users at one location). Maint./support: Annual fee - $199 per single-user version. Tech support - N/A. Training: N/A. Customer contact: Nicole Maholtz, (800) 694-7624 or nicole brentmark.com. PROFILES+ PROFESSIONAL V. 7.2 Financial Profiles Available in both desktop and Web versions, Profiles+ Professional enables advisors to provide actionable financial advice to solve specific client needs. The solution also streamlines data gathering and multiple scenario generation for increased productivity and risk management. Planned enhancements: Advanced estate planning in V. 7.5. Users: 50,000. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: $1,000 per seat; asset allocation, estate planning, Monte Carlo calculations extra. Maint./support: Included. Training: Regional training conferences and sessions, Web-based training, CD tutorials. Customer contact: (800) 237-6335. VIEWPLAN ADVANCED CCH Tax and Accounting This estate planning software enables practitioners to graphically compare multiple estate planning scenarios with clients. The presentation tool generates customizable flowcharts, graphs and reports that summarize planning scenarios for presentations. Modules cover mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities, closed-end funds and separate accounts. Planned enhancements: Enhanced reporting and graphical capabilities. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows, including XP; Novell NetWare. Pricing: Starting at $1,500 new ($850 renewal); multi-user rates available. Maint./support: N/A. Toll-free tech support included. Training: On-site, teleconferences and Web conferences. Customer contact: http://tax.cchgroup.com. FIXED ASSETS BNA FIXED ASSETS BNA Software Designed for use by companies and accounting firms of all sizes, BNA Fixed Assets allows users to manage asset data while maintaining a transparent audit trail. It is available in traditional desktop and client/server platforms, as well as in a hosted, Internet-based service. The latest release of the software includes support for modifying an asset's life, method, convention and rate automatically for multiple assets at the same time. The program also supports managing assets in multiple currencies. Planned enhancements: Enhanced support for multi-period accounting. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP; Novell NetWare (depending on edition). Pricing: Single user - $745 to $2,345 (depending on product type); multi-user - $205 to $225 each. For server or Web pricing, contact vendor. Maint./support: Toll-free telephone tech support included. Training: Available. Data conversion services also available. Customer contact: (800) 424-2938 opt. 3 or info bnasoftware.com. DEPRECIATION SOLUTION Creative Solutions Inc. Depreciation Solution combines complex depreciation processing capabilities with the ability to custom-sort asset data. It also provides report-writing capabilities, and integrates with Creative Solutions' tax preparation, accounting and document management software products. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: 15,000+ firms. Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT and XP; Novell NetWare, NT and 2000 Terminal Server; Citrix MetaFrame. Pricing: Single user - $1,100; multi-user - $300 for four users; $300 for additional four-user bundles. Maint./support: Annual fees - 7.5 percent to 20 percent of retail price, depending on license type. Tech support - $90 per hour. Training: Hands-on classroom, teletraining and on-site; getting started guide and Creative Solutions' annual users conference. Customer contact: (800) 968-8900 or csisales thomson.com. FAS SOLUTIONS Best Software Inc. Suited for businesses of any size, FAS Solutions combine asset accounting, asset inventory and report-writing functionality, integrates with general ledger solutions, and provide fixed asset depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, and personal property tax filings. They cover the whole fixed asset life cycle, from acquisition to disposal, and are available in specifically developed government and nonprofit versions. Planned enhancements: December 2004 - annual tax update, including information about latest tax regulations, forms and rates. Users: 100,000+. Platforms: Windows, including XP; network versions available for both Windows and Novell NetWare. Pricing: FAS Asset Accounting, single user - starts at $2,245; FAS Asset Inventory with FAS Report Writer, single user - starts at $2,805; FAS Asset Accounting, FAS Asset Inventory and FAS Report Writer, single user - starts at $3,935. Maint./support: Contact vendor for rates, which include unlimited phone and online support as well as annual software updates. Training: Web-based - from $225; classroom - from $650. Customer contact: (800) 368-2405 PROSYSTEM FX FIXED ASSETS CCH Tax and Accounting This asset tracking, management and reporting solution streamlines all depreciation tasks, and allows users to customize reports, asset information and screen views, while fully integrating with CCH's ProSystem fx Tax compliance software. Planned enhancements: New version scheduled for December release includes ability to copy assets from the right-click menu; add K-1 entity type to TaxLink for Worksheet view; ability to sort Asset ID numerically rather than alpha-numerically; group like-kind exchanges; option to elect out of bonus depreciation; option to set default property type in asset global settings; a feature to hide fully depreciated/disposed assets on year-end close; import and export capabilities from and to Global fx; exchange detail report; and Forms 4562/4797 available in years beyond 2004. Users: 2,000. Platforms: Windows 98, ME, NT, XP and Professional; Novell NetWare; Citrix Metaframe. Pricing: Single user - $1,475; additional users - $130 each. Maint./support: Annual fees - 35 percent of catalogue price. Tech support is included. Training: Web-based training - $50. Customer contact: (800) 739-9998 opt. 6. FORMS

E-FORM AND E-FORM RS RIA (Thomson) E-Form, a CD-ROM product, and e-Form RS, an Internet-based service, each provide access to nearly every federal, state and local tax form needed under a unified system. E-Form RS is accessible to practitioners anytime and is updated daily. Planned enhancements: Additional client profile fields: fiduciary name, county, ZIP+4, e-mail, business contact name and phone number. Adding paid preparer e-mail addresses and multi-state form selection for generic forms that may be applicable to multiple states. Supporting 1D variable barcode forms and printing to PDF. Daily content updates. Users: 154,000+. Platforms: Windows 2000 and XP; Novell NetWare. Pricing: RS - $690 and up; CD single user - $625 and up; multi-user - $660 and up. Maint./support: No annual fees. Tech support - toll free. Training: Web-based tutorial and product assistance Web site are free. Virtual classroom training starts at $99 for two hours of CPE. Customer contact: (800) 950-1216 or ria.thomson.com.

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