Vertex creates boot camp validation program for tax connectors

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As online sales transactions increase in volume year after year, companies that provide tax automation are seeing a major increase in the need for their services. Vertex is one of those companies, and it now offers a new program for its app partners to build, test and review tax connectors for its software.

The Validated by Vertex program is a collaborative program for Vertex’s independent software vendor partners who build integrations with the company’s tax automation platform.

As part of the program, Vertex provides integration design and security standards for ISV partners and conducts what it describes as rigorous review and testing processes. The goal for validated integrations is to support the most complex use cases to provide consistent, accurate taxation.

The Validated by Vertex program will also provide continual collaboration with Vertex technical experts to help integrations keep pace with the latest software releases, so that partner-built integrations meet Vertex’s standards. Vertex provides best practices for partners to ensure the software is optimized for on-premise, hosted and cloud environments.

Vertex has already validated its first integration under the new program, and it’s for Recurly’s enterprise-class subscription management platform. Vertex reports that it supported the Recurly design team through the development with biweekly process assessments. The software experts reviewed the code for extensible markup language (XML) standards. Vertex technical experts analyzed the user interface design and connector features, such as exception certificate management, to meet customers’ expectations.

"Recognizing that compliance is strategically important to their clients, Vertex partners, such as Recurly, are leveraging the Validated by Vertex program to accelerate the integration of our tax engine,” stated Tony Hutnyk, senior product manager, integrations at Vertex. “We have longstanding relationships with market-leading software and services providers that businesses across the world rely on. The program was established to help partners deliver comprehensive and verified solutions that meet customers’ needs."

New and existing partners will be invited to join the program under Vertex’s discretion.

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