Validu releases software to combat expense fraud

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Validu has released meeting-compliance software to mitigate the risk of expense account fraud.

Users can log information about their daily expenses, along with each meeting or event conducted by company representatives, as those events occur. The information is then stored and accessible to company managers remotely as a simple PDF file that has been stamped with the date, time and GPS location of the meeting.

“Our objective is to provide real time, validated oversight into every event being conducted anytime, anywhere,” Validus CEO and founder Matthew Kavanaugh said in a statement. “To provide a better solution than traditional paper documentation, we designed this very cost effective and efficient solution to automate meeting monitoring and documentation.”

After downloading the app to a mobile phone or tablet, users create events in Validu for each meeting or function they attend. They then authenticate the attendees at the events using one of three validation options: a photo of the attendees taken through the application; a sign-in option through a print signature; or a biometric fingerprint signature that’s turned into a key code that can be matched against the original for authentication.

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