Everybody has their own social media story. This we know. One of the many great advantages to social networking is that it’s universal – connecting us with others who are miles away. Still, no matter where someone is on the globe, the power of the Internet tells us though we might have our own stories, they are in some ways very similar.

“The main challenge is time, wrote Phil Richards, a London-based accountant about social networking. “It’s easy to waste extraordinary amounts of time without being effective, but as it is also a personal balance and for me, it is getting far more effective.”

Richards shared some of his discoveries using sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. He also offers a list of resources and sites that has helped him on his journey. For instance, he said, “I no longer post all Tweets to Facebook - I see them as different ‘animals’ now, I use SelectiveTwitter on Facebook, so that I can post to both at the same time if I choose.”

Read about how Richards does it here. How do you do it?