Looking to beef up your portfolio of potential employees?

Take a lesson from one savvy California firm.

Jeff Stimpson, senior reporter for Practical Accountant, rounded up the following story:

San Ramon, Calif.-based Armanino McKenna has launched a Web site featuring videos and podcasts by AM's employees, as well as a blog page of videos, podcasts and RSS feeds that give job candidates "an intimate and credible" look at the firm.

Geared to college students and recent accounting school graduates as well as to early-to-mid-career professionals, the site offers a "choose your adventure" theatre-style experience. The cameos are intended as casual and personal, some straightforward, others funny.

In the podcast segment "AM Relationships," for instance, managing partner Andy Armanino interviews Dean Quiambao, an audit manager, about his relationships with the partners at the firm, and whether Quiambao is still "afraid of them."

In a video clip, partner and chief marketing officer Lori Colvin interviews employees from various practices about their snack room preferences.

The home page features a career video and links to four main landing pages that prompt action by users. All pages on the site feature eye-catching work/life images that tie into the key themes, and videos are invisible until users hover the cursor over mid-page, which causes the static image to give way to a video.

"Employees can also make their own clips if they have something to says," Colvin adds, "and we're very interested to see what they'll come up with."

The career site took about six months and $50,000 to create. The idea started by looking at the social networks that students and young adults use heavily, according to Colvin and Vickie Moul, AM's director of HR.

"We wanted this site to give users the same sense of the firm's personality that they would have if they visited us in person. The site successfully merges some of the newest trends on the Web while maintaining a sense of professionalism and community that candidates look for," Moul says.

AM received more than 50 inquiries and applications from the new site in its first month, compared with fewer than 10 applications per month from the firm's previous recruiting pages.