An article in the San Francisco Business Times calls accountants an “unlikely sector to embrace social networking.” But, hey, here at Accounting Tomorrow, we know better.

That comment isn’t really the point of the article. It's just a slightly annoying commentary.

The point of the article is apparently to show that accountants ARE catching on and using social networking to attract both recruits and clients. Which is, wow, a surprise! And, that new terms such as “tweet” and “tag” are making their way into partners’ vocabulary.

Yes, some accounting and CPA firms can be slow to the trigger when it comes to change. But let's not generalize here, people. Lots of firms are making great strides in changing that stodgy stereotype.

Some have even stepped it up a bit and created policies around social networking sites, such as Templeton & Co. in south Florida. To learn how they did it, watch for Sarah Templeton's story in the Nov. 2 Practice Resources section of Accounting Today.

How is your firm using social networking sites? Are you dipping your toe in the media pool or have you already dived in? Leave your comments below.