Becker announces upgrades, mobile game supplement for CPA Exam Review course

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Becker Professional Education announced that they'll be adding new tools and technology to their CPA Exam Review in the coming months. The new improvements to the course will include modular content, interactive tools, and integrated materials to offer more custom options, flexibility, and feedback to test-takers.

The new improvements are in response to the most recent changes to the CPA Exam starting April 2017.

“All of the innovative elements that will be offered as part of Becker’s CPA Exam Review...provide each candidate with a personalized learning approach to help them achieve their goal of attaining the CPA credential,” said John Roselli, president at Becker Professional Education, in a statement. “Nearly 50,000 hours and $3 million were spent on just the course itself, to develop a tool to help our candidates feel better prepared on exam day.”

Becker's new CPA Exam Review course will be available this upcoming January, and will feature the following:

  • Adapt2U Adaptive Learning Technology – Adaptive technology that recommends a particular study path where candidates can focus their efforts on areas they need it most. Includes performance reports that tracks development and provides feedback to highlight specific areas that need more attention.
  • Short Modules, Optimized Study Time – Review content will be modularized into shorter segments to optimize study time with content likely to appear on the 2017 CPA Exam.
  • Interactive Skills Practice and Simulations – Interactive simulations and videos to help candidates better prepare for the cognitive skills tested on the CPA Exam.  
  • New Lectures and Textbooks – Newly recorded lectures and rewritten textbooks updated with new content relating to the 2017 Exam.
  • Mock Exams – Two full mock exams of the 2017 CPA Exam.
  • Intuitive Navigation and Learning Tools – A full suite of integrated learning tools (note taking, highlighting, searching and video speed) to questions that will be aligned with lectures that reinforce key concepts, students will have the tools and flexibility to maximize their study time.

In addition to their CPA Exam Review course, Becker announced that Accounting for Empires, a mobile game supplement, will be available on Android and iOS phones and tablets on September 5. The game uses multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations that allow users to "build and enhance their ultimate CPA Empire" and ultimately pass the Exam. This mobile game will also allow users to select a specific part of the 2017 CPA Exam to review and the opportunity to connect with other players.

For more on Becker's CPA Exam Review, head to their site here.

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