We’re in the midst of a rare changing of the guard here at Accounting Today, with longtime editor-in-chief Bill Carlino departing Thursday.

Bill will be moving over to Transition Advisors next Monday, where he will be managing director of the succession planning and M&A firm’s National Consulting Division. I’ve worked with Bill for nearly five years, and it’s been a true pleasure working with him. There are always a lot of great stories and laughs around our area of the offices here at SourceMedia, and he’ll be missed around these parts.

Meanwhile, his second-in-command, managing editor Dan Hood, who has worked for about 15 years at the publication, will be stepping up as editor-in-chief on Friday. He’ll do an expert job, I’m sure, and we can expect to see a smooth transition. All the best to both Bill and Dan.

As for the Web site, you can expect to see many new developments online here in the months ahead as we make plans to add new sections and coverage areas. Keep checking back regularly. As always, thanks for visiting here.